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    A tailored current account

    The extensive KBC Plus Account or free KBC Basic Account

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014 — Clients' payment habits and behaviour have changed. Nowadays, they prefer to make their own decisions and to tailor their payment packages to take full account of their needs.
    To accommodate these developments, KBC will be streamlining its offering as of 17 June 2014. From then on, clients will be able to choose between two payment packages: the free KBC Basic Account and the payable KBC Plus Account. Each package consists of a current account and a set of banking services to go with it.
    This change applies only to payment packages. Basic banking services and current accounts not linked to payment packages will remain unchanged.

    The KBC Basic Account: a basic package that is free of charge

    This package includes a KBC Current Account, bank card, access to online banking and the use of KBC/CBC-Matic ATMs (for making cash withdrawals and deposits). This free basic account can be supplemented from an extensive offering of free and payable options. The clients can put together his/her own package.

    An additional new feature is that this account can be opened online using an eID card reader, which means that clients no longer have to visit the branch in order to sign any documents or to identify themselves.


    Free options: text messaging services, 'secure card use' text alerts, 'rejected payment orders' text alerts, a KBC Savings Account, Start2Save facilities, and replacement card reader.

    Payable options:

    Extra KBC Bank Card

    Photo on card

    Replacement card

    Instant bank card

    KBC Prepaid Card

    KBC Account Insurance

    Cash withdrawals at other financial institutions

    Over-the-counter cash withdrawals

    Paper-based transfers

    Transfers via KBC Telecenter

    0.50 euros a month

    10 euros upon request per new photo

    8 euros per replacement

    8 euros per card

    1 euro a month

    0.35 euros a month

    0.20 euros per transaction

    0.35 euros per transaction

    0.50 euros per transfer

    0.50 euros per transfer

    The KBC Plus Account: an all-in payment package

    This package includes a KBC Current Account, two bank cards, a credit card, one card photo per year, access to online banking, use of KBC/CBC-Matic ATMs, paper statements, cash withdrawals at the counter and at other financial institutions, paper-based transfers and replacement debit and credit cards.

    Depending on the type of credit card that is linked to the account, the client pays between 2 and 9 euros per month.

    • KBC Plus Account without credit card
    • KBC Plus Account with Silver Credit Card
    • KBC Plus Account with Gold Credit Card
    • KBC Plus Account with Platinum Credit Card

    2.00 euros a month

    3.00 euros a month

    6.00 euros a month

    9.00 euros a month

    As with the basic account, there are a number of free options: text messaging services, 'secure card use' text alerts, 'rejected payment orders' text alerts, a KBC Savings Account, Start2Save facilities, replacement card reader, and budget facility.

    KBC is also launching three new types of credit card

    Each card offers extra services with regard to insurance. It's the client who ultimately decides on the credit card that's best suited to his/her payment habits and needs:

    • KBC Silver Credit Card with linked purchase protection and extended warranty insurance.
    • KBC Gold Credit Card with the above cover, plus online purchase protection insurance, travel cancellation insurance and trip interruption insurance.
    • KBC Platinum Credit Card with all the above cover, plus:
      • the sum covered under travel cancellation insurance increases to 10 000 euros
      • additional expense for flight delays and missed connections insurance
      • urgent purchases for delayed baggage delivery insurance
      • hire car excess insurance

    Unique in Belgium are:

    • the extended warranty for grey goods (PC/Laptop/Tablet); and
    • exclusive admission ticket cancellation insurance for performances and concerts.

    KBC clients who already have a KBC Compact Account or KBC Convenience Account will automatically be migrated to the payment package of their choice. They will receive a letter about this in June.

    KBC is taking the opportunity of the KBC Group Investor Day to draw up a status report on certain products and services, and to set out its plans for the future, including those for Belgium. Read more about it in this notice. Additional information about the strategy and KBC Group Investor Day itself is available at www.kbc.com. Follow the Investor Day on #KBCInvestorDay.