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    Bolero launches app for iPhone

    Friday, June 13, 2014 — From today, clients using the online stock exchange platform, Bolero, can also keep track of the stock market and their investment portfolio via their iPhone. They will be able to buy or sell shares, bonds, trackers, turbos and other products in real time on more than 20 stock exchanges. By launching this app, Bolero is looking to ensure that clients effectively have control of their portfolio at all times wherever they are, while also enabling them to keep an eye on stock market developments.  

    This iPhone app is the first step we've taken for our mobile offering and the next one in the new strategy that we launched for Bolero last year. We had already cancelled the custody fee in 2013 and given even greater focus to the provision of information and content. Now we are making the main functionalities of our Bolero website available in pocket format for iPhone. The app is fully tailored to the needs of our clients courtesy of its considerable ease of use and clear design. However, we have much more in the pipeline. After the summer, we will be launching a full iPad app with even more functionalities and also providing an app for users of Android devices. says Bart Vanhaeren, General Manager of Bolero.

    A unique tool for portfolio management

    With this app, Bolero clients get a detailed view in real time of their investment portfolio anytime and anywhere. Thanks to interactive graphs and a clear heat map, not only can they quickly see which shares in their portfolio have gone up or down on the day, they can also analyse the performance record of the portfolio and check whether it is evenly allocated. 

    The Hotspot provides an essential overview for investors

    A detailed identity card for each security can be displayed in the Hotspot. It contains the key figures and a broad profile of the company, the current share price, the latest news from Reuters, analyst recommendations and a number of useful ratios that indicate whether or not the share is cheap or expensive. In short, the Hotspot gives investors an essential overview that allows them to evaluate at a glance whether the security merits inclusion in their portfolio.

    The iPhone app boasts a particularly neat feature. Turning the iPhone on its side reveals additional information, which the Hotspot uses to provide an interactive price graph. In the order ticket, turning the device on its side displays the depth of the market. 

    Quick response to opportunities or important news on the stock market

    A couple of swipes is all that it takes to send the buy or sell order to the exchange. All orders placed on the website by clients are also instantly available in the order book on their iPhone. Another useful feature on this innovative iPhone app is the ability to monitor favourite shares in tidy lists. It was decided to combine maximum ease of use and a clear design with security. Clients register the app for the first time using their usual digipass. All they then have to do is log in and place their orders using a five-digit PIN. 

    The app can be downloaded for free from the app store. More information and a useful demo are available at www.bolero.be


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