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    Composition of KBC shareholder syndicate following extension of the anchoring agreement

    Outside trading hours – Regulated information*

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014 — (Brussels, 17u45 CET) 

    On 23 September 2014, Cera and KBC Ancora – along with MRBB and the Other Stable Shareholders – confirmed that they would extend their agreement to act in concert in relation to KBC Group NV for a further 10 years. This extension of the syndicate agreement officially entered into effect on 1 December. From now on, the aggregate number of shares held by Cera, KBC Ancora, MRBB and the Other Stable Shareholders will represent 40.39% of all KBC Group shares. By making this move, these shareholders will ensure continued shareholder stability and support the further development of the KBC group.  

    Since its establishment, KBC Group NV has been able to rely on a group of core shareholders that ensures shareholder stability and supports the continued development of the KBC group. To this end, Cera and KBC Ancora, MRBB and the Other Stable Shareholders entered into a syndicate agreement on 23 December 2004 with an initial term of 10 years. These arrangements were updated in September 2014 and extended for another 10-year period with effect from 1 December 2014.

    In that context, Cera, KBC Ancora, MRBB and the Other Stable Shareholders – as indicated on 23 September 2014 – adhered to the shareholder agreement by putting in all their shares. As a result, that agreement now groups 40.39% (instead of 30.79%) of all KBC Group NV shares.

    Composition of shareholder syndicate (as of 1 December 2014):


    Number of shares


    KBC Ancora Comm.VA

    77 516 380


    Cera CVBA

    11 127 166



    47 889 864


    Other Stable Shareholders

    32 020 498



    168 553 908


    The relevant notification can be viewed at www.kbc.com > investor relations > shareholder structure.

    * This press release contains information provided in compliance with European transparency legislation for listed companies.

    Viviane Huybrecht

    Corporate Communication/KBC Group Spokesperson

    KBC Group NV