Increasingly more Belgians using a smartphone to manage their finances when on holiday at home and abroad

KBC customers now use KBC Mobile (smartphone) and KBC Touch (PC) for:

  •           1 in 2 credit card applications
  •          3 in 4 adjustments to credit card limits
  •          86% of payment card activations for use abroad
  •          1 in 3 KBC Travel Insurance policies
  •          1 500 payment card blocks after suspecting theft or fraud (only possible since 26 June)

Tens of thousands of Belgians are about to leave on holiday or are already at their holiday destination. At a time when people are frantically making those final preparations, it's not unusual for some things to be overlooked or forgotten. And that's precisely when KBC Mobile (880 000 users) or KBC Touch (1.2 million users) can offer peace of mind. More and more people are discovering the convenience of this fast and direct connection to KBC, even when they're abroad.

Karin Van Hoecke, KBC’s General Manager for Mass Retail, explains: ‘Increasingly more customers are turning to the KBC Mobile app for their banking and insurance products. In fact, the first close working relationships with external service providers make KBC Mobile much more than just a transaction channel. For instance, you can now use the app to pay for parking, to manage your luncheon vouchers, to apply for a new credit card, raise its spending limit or activate the card for use abroad, and to contact CardStop. KBC Mobile now has the proven ability to provide our customers with a totally new experience. Banking and insurance services are instantly available, while cutting out all that time-consuming administration. That makes it so much easier for customers to meet their changing needs in a flexible way, whenever and wherever they want. In the run-up to the holidays, our customers are discovering the countless possibilities that KBC Mobile has to offer to ensure they have a safe and carefree holiday.’

o   Holiday payment convenience with KBC Mobile

Sometimes you have to deal with unexpected expenses when travelling. With KBC Mobile, you can quickly and easily raise your spending limit for a certain period if necessary. Three-quarters of such adjustments are currently made using KBC Mobile or KBC Touch, while 1 in 2 credit cards are applied for through these digital channels. And digital applications for prepaid cards – a particular favourite of young people – are as high as 70%.

But even when on holiday, it appears that you like to keep an eye on your financial situation, not just at KBC but at other banks, too. KBC Mobile allows you to quickly pay off that outstanding bill, or to transfer some additional holiday money to your KBC Current Account. In the space of a month, 6 500 KBC customers have added more than 9 000 accounts of other banks to their KBC Mobile app.

Travelling outside Europe and you discover that your card doesn't work? More likely than not you've forgotten to activate it for use outside Europe. Thanks to KBC Mobile, you can set things straight and continue your holiday with peace of mind. No less than 86% of payment card activations are carried out using KBC Touch and KBC Mobile.

o   Direct line to CardStop

Lost your wallet or had it stolen when on holiday? Or maybe you suspect that someone has copied your card's details? KBC Mobile now allows you to block your cards immediately with CardStop and so prevent any misuse. This feature was only added to KBC Mobile on 26 June and since then, 1 500 customers have used this blocking facility.

Tip: use your smartphone's camera to take a photo of your identity and travel documents. Always useful to have if you lose your wallet.

o   KBC Mobile: Emergency Accident Assistance

Before leaving on holiday, you should check to see whether you have good travel insurance. You can use your smartphone to quickly and easily take out this insurance online. At present, 1 in 3 travel insurance policies are arranged online at KBC.

Had an unfortunate experience and need to submit a claim? More than 80 000 customers have already installed the KBC Assist app to speed up and simplify filing a claim.

Tip: if you have an accident abroad, don't forget to enable geolocation on your smartphone before using your KBC Assist app.

o   Chat or WhatsApp chat with KBC Live using KBC Mobile, even after office hours

Perhaps you prefer to keep a close eye on certain financial matters, even when you're on holiday. With KBC Mobile, you can get in direct contact with KBC Live, including by WhatsApp. 3 000 customers currently use the WhatsApp option to get in touch with KBC. You can chat live with one of our experts on business days (weekdays) from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Belgian time, of course...

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