KBC and Mijnenergie.be pool their resources to get you a better energy deal

KBC and Mijnenergie.be pool their resources to get you a better energy deal

Starting today, KBC1 customers and platform customers2 can compare their energy prices in KBC Mobile, thanks to KBC joining forces with Mijnenergie.be, a division of DPG Media NV. This free service enables customers and platform customers to compare prices for natural gas, electricity or both in the KBC Mobile app and to switch suppliers if they wish.

1Including CBC and KBC Brussels.

2Platform customers are customers who use the KBC Mobile app without having a KBC banking or insurance product. ​

The past few months have been marked by rising prices right across the board, including – and especially – for energy needs. Starting today, customers and platform customers can compare energy prices in KBC Mobile now that Mijnenergie.be, the free price comparison service, has been built into the app. All that customers/platform customers have to do is go to the app’s ‘additional services’ and compare different natural gas and electricity prices based on their specific energy consumption or type of home. ​ What’s more, Mijnenergie.be factors discounts and ongoing promotions into its calculations. Switching energy supplier can be done directly online through the Mijnenergie.be site.

Later this year, KBC will also provide tips and insights on how to save on energy use.

Karin Van Hoecke, General Manager for Digital Transformation & Data at KBC Belgium: ‘Energy is accounting for an increasingly larger proportion of people’s fixed costs. KBC wants to make a difference here and help its customers keep this cost under control. With Mijnenergie.be, KBC has found a service that dovetails with the values it attaches to the provision of services and convenience to customers. For instance, they can now save time and money with the help of digital assistant, Kate, who can advise them that comparing energy prices each year can end up saving them money. If the customer wants to finds out more, Kate takes them to Mijnenergie.be. The streamlined Mijnenergie.be process, which enables the user to move seamlessly from comparing prices to switching supplier, is also fully in line with the convenience and experience we offer in KBC Mobile.’
Kenneth Vansina, Online Services Director, DPG Media Belgium: ‘Thanks to the integration of Mijnenergie.be in the KBC app, KBC customers and platform customers now have the opportunity at any time to use their smartphones to quickly and easily compare energy prices and switch energy suppliers.’




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