About 2500 satisfied clients using the KBC Multi-banking function in just a matter of weeks

Just under three weeks after the launch, about 2 500 (unique) clients have linked their accounts (over 3 500 in total) at other banks in the KBC Mobile app.

Since 26 March, KBC, KBC Brussels and CBC clients have been able to use KBC Mobile to check the balance of the personal and business current accounts they hold with other financial institutions. This currently includes accounts held with Argenta, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis and ING.

The enthusiastic reaction says it all, with the vast majority of clients indicating that the function makes banking easier and more efficient. They also believe that the app clearly reinforces the pioneering and forward-looking role that KBC plays in the financial world.

Indeed, KBC is the first Belgian bank that has enabled its clients to benefit from the opportunities afforded by PSD2 (the Payments Services Directive). The new version of KBC Mobile – containing this new and unique multi-banking function – has been available in the App Store and the Google Play store since the end of March.


Erik Luts, Chief Innovation Officer at KBC Group summarised the developments as follows: 'We want to give our clients the best and most user-friendly and secure experience with the many opportunities PSD2 presents, and to use those opportunities in a proactive and assertive manner. We are, therefore, delighted to see that our clients have enthusiastically embraced the multi-banking function in our mobile banking app and that we can boast so many users after just a couple of weeks. At the same time, clients also recognise us as being a leader in financial services. It remains our aim to continue offering our clients the best possible user experience through further innovation and by developing new, client-focused solutions that will make life easier for them.'

KBC also asked the first wave of users about their experiences and whether they had any suggestions, a selection of which are provided below:

  • 'Well done. Having the opportunity to check my different accounts from a single app is exactly the type of forward-looking approach I want from my bank. And that makes things easier for me. It would be great if the same function was provided in KBC Touch.'
  • 'I can't wait until the other financial entities where I'm a client get involved too. Great work!'

What other events are on the PSD2 calendar at KBC this year?

  • By this summer, clients will be able to use KBC Mobile to make payments using accounts held at other banks. This was also one of the suggestions that users passed on to KBC. 
  • Other entities of the KBC group in Central Europe and Ireland are set to follow suit later this year based on the experiences of rolling out the multi-banking app in Belgium.

Read more in the related announcement made by KBC on 5 March 2018 and the market research in which KBC surveyed Belgians about their attitude towards the opportunities presented by PSD2.

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