Businesses adjust mobility policy in response to Covid-19

Businesses adjust mobility policy in response to Covid-19

MoveSmart app offers practical support to users

A survey carried out by KBC Autolease has found that six out of ten businesses are set to adjust their mobility policy in future. Current Covid-19 measures are part of the reason why. Increased working from home has changed patterns of transport use and views on mobility.  To address this evolving mobility process efficiently, KBC Autolease has developed the MoveSmart app. 

KBC Autolease surveyed its customers in June to assess the impact Covid-19 is having on their mobility policy.

  • 75% of the businesses surveyed said that the Covid crisis has impacted their employees’ mobility: working from home has increased sharply and car use for commuting and business travel is down substantially. 
  • As a result, six out of ten companies said they are planning to alter their mobility policy. They are considering a shift from company cars to a mobility budget and introducing multi-mobility.
  • The majority of the respondents are also keen to make their fleets greener.
  • Smooth service and efficient fleet management processes have become even more important in this changed context.  This is reflected in a substantial proportion of KBC Autolease customers looking for online tools that will make such management easier and take account of multi-mobility.

As an answer to this last point, KBC Autolease has developed its MoveSmart app to offer practical support to users right from when they order a lease vehicle. 

MoveSmart is an app that simplifies use of a lease car or bike.

  • With the MoveSmart app, KBC Autolease customers now have an online tool for managing their lease vehicle (car or bike) conveniently and easily in KBC Mobile. In it, they can find all the details of their contract plus practical information about their lease car or bike, including time and place of delivery and entitlement to a replacement vehicle.
  • When the time comes to change the tyres or service the vehicle, the user can make an appointment with the dealer or tyre fitter via MoveSmart.
  • If the customer needs roadside assistance, a simple push of a button puts them in direct contact with the VAB Breakdown Service. Thanks to GPS, the VAB will know exactly where to go.

Beginning in 2021, it will also be possible to use shared cars, shared bikes and public transport via MoveSmart. This will enable users to become multi-mobile at any time of day. Say they have a lease car, but need to travel into central Brussels: in that case, they will be able to buy a train ticket using MoveSmart. The costs and administration will then be taken care of directly with the user’s employer.  MoveSmart also provides users with a neat overview of their mobility budget and how they’re using it.

The MoveSmart app already convinced some enthusiastic pilot users:

MoveSmart offers me peace of mind. All the information I need about maintenance and tyre changes is always just a click away. And the fact that the VAB knows exactly where to find me if I have a breakdown is fantastic!’, one CBC customer says

Another user at Orange Cyberdefense comments: ‘MoveSmart is a great digital tool that you quickly come to rely on.’ 

MoveSmart is one of the non-financial services offered in KBC Mobile and is accessible to customers of KBC/CBC or KBC Brussels as well as to people who aren't customers.

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Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
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