Clubs, societies and associations up and running with the KBC Service to Associations

KBC recently launched its service for associations, a platform which can be accessed via KBC's website and which brings together information and tools to help get clubs, societies and associations up and running. The platform is an ecosystem between KBC and four partners, which together provide a wide range of information and services to enable the associations to be run efficiently. KBC aims to assist these associations by pursuing an approach that is tailored to their financial and administrative tasks.


Clubs, societies and associations in Belgium

More than 56% of the working population aged between 18 and 65 are actively involved in a club, society or association. Associations in Belgium have 2,2 million members. The administration and practical organisation relating to such entities is often a time-consuming business. It all begins in the start-up phase: should the association be unincorporated or not-for-profit, which structure will it have and which documents need to be filled in? What's the situation regarding the liability of members or directors? And in particular, where can you quickly and easily find the information needed to help you along the way?  KBC is the first bank-insurance institution to come out with an offering that provides tailored answers to these and many other questions from many clubs, societies and associations. The KBC Service to Associations on the KBC website brings together information, tools and apps to help get associations up and running, especially sports and socio-cultural associations.

Tailored solutions

For directors of associations, the procedures are often time-consuming and sometime there's too much information to take on board. However, all that's about to change with the KBC Service to Associations. For instance, it will no longer be necessary for three members to go to a branch to open an account. All the forms can be filled in online by the relevant members at home or during the meeting and then sent to the KBC branch. One nominated representative is all that is needed to finish off the procedure. Using this time more efficiently creates more time for personal advice at the branch.  On the same website, associations can rent a payment terminal to use for events they are hosting.

We are stronger together

KBC has launched this service with a number of innovative partners:

  • ThreeAndMore, a startup from the Start it @kbc incubator, offers a free app and a digital platform to greatly simplify organisational and communication matters for clubs, societies and associations.
  • and combine information related to starting up an association, legal obligations and filling in complicated documents.
  • Joyn is a digital loyalty programme that associations can also use for membership cards. Members can save digital stamps to get discounts and free products at shops and hospitality businesses.
  • Koalect is a Belgian fintech company that has developed a range of tools to help clubs, societies and associations organise, manage and provide communication on raising funds.

These partners can be contacted directly through the KBC Service to Associations. The service offering may also be extended in the future.

KBC's role in society

Our Service to Associations is illustrative of our strategy and how we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to ensure our clients receive even better service. One of the pillars of this strategy is our responsibility towards society and supporting local economies:

Daniel Falque, CEO of KBC's Belgium Business Unit: 'Anyone starting up and running an association has to be dedicated, but is often faced with many pressing questions. KBC aims to back such dedication and to be a like-minded partner. Regardless of whether it's about information on starting up a club or association or about the different financing options, KBC will be on hand to provide tailored advice. In our quest to offer client-centric solutions, new ecosystems will be created between KBC and our partners, and that is a win-win situation for all concerned.'







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