Colruyt Group, Deloitte, KBC, Nalantis, Proximus and Ravago launch KUBIC to combat talent shortage

Building an extensive network of companies, students and universities, allowing all stakeholders to learn from and with each other.

Colruyt Group, Deloitte, KBC, Nalantis, Proximus and Ravago today announced the launch of the Knowledge University Business Integrated Challenge (KUBIC), an exciting new not-for-profit initiative that brings together companies, students and universities, encouraging knowledge sharing and networking. KUBIC is an open platform accessible for all companies and students from all universities. With the number of vacancies expected to grow in Belgium in the coming decade, the aim of this innovative platform is to strengthen the position of all companies involved in the battle for talent by connecting them through KUBIC with a potential target of approximately 38,800 students. The working has been aligned with the regulations of faculties of leading universities. Nevertheless, students from other educational institutions are encouraged to also participate in this initiative.

Matching skills with future business needs

By joining forces with universities and sharing knowledge with other companies, Colruyt Group, Deloitte, KBC, Nalantis, Proximus and Ravago created KUBIC. This significant platform strengthens the position of companies involved in the battle for talent. Students have the opportunity to match their skills with the future business needs, while the businesses that join the initiative gain unique insights and solutions to their business challenges.

How does it work?

KUBIC matches internal company challenges with student profiles. By solving stimulating challenges, students enhance their skills, gain valuable insights into corporate life, and build their network, while companies reach young and ambitious talent who are eager to make a difference.

With over 60 challenges spread over 15 different sectors, the platform currently has over 240 open positions. Challenges can be executed remotely, depending on the specific needs. With students gaining business insights and providing a fresh perspective on the challenge, all of the stakeholders learn from and with each other. Companies or students interested in participating in this initiative, are encouraged to register on the website as of now.

Frank Stumpe, KUBIC: “KUBIC offers innovative companies and students the opportunity to take on complex challenges from the real business world and to develop a network. The assignments are worked out in an academic setting, as part of a curriculum. KUBIC strives for a win-win between young talent, companies and universities.”

All challenges are offered both as interdisciplinary and inter-university internships, as well as free to join experiences. To ensure that the students can successfully complete their challenge, we ensure a COVID-19-proof execution of all challenges according to the regulations of the universities and companies.


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