Customers add Awards to KBC's and Bolero's trophy cabinet this year again

Customers add Awards to KBC's and Bolero's trophy cabinet this year again

'Best Bank' - 'Best Digital Bank - 'Best Investment Bank' honours KBC Bank with 'Best Bank' and 'Best Digital Bank' awards.

Bolero – KBC’s online investment platform – scoops the award for 'Best Investment Bank'.

Each year, conducts a survey of readers and bank customers to assess how satisfied they are with their bank. ‚Äč

More than 57 000 people took part in this fifth edition of the survey.

The obvious appreciation of those surveyed for:

• the wide range and added value of the additional services on offer

• the user-friendly character of KBC Mobile and KBC Touch, and

• the completeness of the app, both in terms of information and services,

were key factors in deciding the winner of the awards.


Appreciating this vote of confidence, David Moucheron, KBC Belgium CEO, commented: 'We wish to thank our customers for these three Bank Awards. This is a genuine recognition of the quality of our service and our daily commitment to provide our customers with an outstanding experience at all times. Thanks to our digital apps and Kate – our digital assistant – they have the freedom to go about their banking and insurance business whenever they want. That could be in the evening from the comfort of home or at the weekend through KBC Live. Our branch staff are also on hand to assist customers when they have more complex questions or to offer expert advice at key moments. These awards are an incentive to sustain our efforts in this area and to continue with our commitment to provide customers with even better service and even more convenience.'
Karin Van Hoecke, General Manager of Digital Transformation & Data at KBC's Belgium Business Unit, added: 'We owe this excellent result to our customers, who were the main reason for propelling us to the top of this survey. Our mission is to make it much easier to arrange things digitally on a smartphone or computer. Our digital assistant, Kate, is always there to help out as well. If Kate doesn't know the answer, personal advice can always be obtained from our experts. We're delighted with our customers' choice and are grateful that they appreciate our efforts. The 'Best Bank' and 'Best Digital Bank' awards are recognition of our user-friendly solutions and the endeavors of our experts who do that little bit extra each day to make a difference. These awards come close on the heels of the accolade of 'best app in the world' which SIA just recently bestowed upon us. My thanks go out to all those at KBC whose unrelenting efforts lie behind this success. This recognition serves as encouragement and motivation to continue down our chosen route.'


Werner Eetezonne, CEO of Bolero, concurred with the above, adding: 'We're immensely proud of this award. It means an awful lot to us, knowing that it reflects the views of our own customers and the loyal users of our online investment platform. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to them for voting for us. As market leader, Bolero has also been able to attract many young and new investors in recent years. To help our customers get the most from their investments, we provide them with daily stock tips, current investment themes and opportunities, as well as a wide range of training and education resources. This whole mix of a user-friendly investment platform, combined with high levels of service and information, is clearly appreciated by them. This is extra motivation for Bolero and all its employees – the deserving recipients of this award – to do the best they possible can for our customers each and every day.'


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From left to right: David Moucheron, Karin Van Hoecke, Werner Eetezonne.



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