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    KBC/CBC clients can withdraw money from ATMs in Belgium using their smartphone

    Available for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014 — As from 30 June, KBC and CBC clients will be able to withdraw euro banknotes from all KBC/CBC ATMs in Belgium (1 400 devices throughout the country) using their smartphone instead of their bank card.
    Making cash withdrawals has now become the latest option for the KBC/CBC Mobile Banking app – a first in the Belgian market. 

    Thanks to this option, clients will have a quick, easy-to-use and safe alternative to their bank card. Moreover, they can withdraw cash from any of their current accounts (not only those which are linked to the bank card).

    In addition, clients will no longer need their bank card to enter KBC/CBC's ATM lobbies outside of office hours, as we will be disabling the card readers that facilitate access. In this way, mobile banking with KBC/CBC offers clients even more options, ranging from checking balances, to checking payments made by credit card, making credit transfers in real time, 'scashing', saving for goals and now withdrawing cash.

    In a few weeks, a local Wifi network will be made available to clients in all KBC/CBC branches. That way, they will be able to use the KBC/CBC network rather than their own Internet connection to carry out their transactions.

    By focusing on innovation, KBC/CBC wants to remain the reference in terms of ATM services and to establish a strong, well-oiled partnership with the other (distribution) channels.

    How does withdrawing cash using a smartphone work?

    1. The client selects the relevant account and amount in the app.
    2. The client touches the ATM screen to display a QR code.
    3.  The client scans the QR code that appears on the ATM screen using their smartphone's camera.
    4. The client signs with his or her PIN.
    5. The client can select the amount required, but not the denominations.

    The minimum standard limit for a withdrawal ranges from 0 euros (for minors who can adjust the limit together with their legal guardian) to 250 euros. These minimum limits can be increased to a maximum 650 euros for adults, either directly in the app using a card reader and bank card, or in their KBC/CBC branch.

    The QR code that appears on the ATM screen does not contain any personal information.The client's PIN used on his mobile banking app is the security feature.