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Can it be a little more? It’s a question you might hear your butcher ask. But what if your bank asked you the same thing for all your transactions, so you could invest your spare change? KBC, KBC Brussels and CBC customers will be able to do just that with a new feature coming soon in our Mobile app.

Spare change investing is simple. We round up your daily spending and payment transactions to the next full euro amount and invest the difference for you. The roundups are small. You hardly notice them, so you don’t need to change your lifestyle, be an expert or go to extra effort. Opening and tracking your investment plan is very easy with our KBC Mobile app.


Three investment myths debunked

·         Don’t I need a lot of money to invest?

Many people think – wrongly – that they need to be wealthy to invest. They’re also usually unwilling to sacrifice their daily spending habits for it. Spare change investing makes a virtue of necessity, setting aside a little extra on top of every account transaction, starting from as little as a single cent. This goes virtually unnoticed with such small amounts involved, but mighty oaks can grow from little acorns. An investment plan also has the advantage of spreading your investments over time.

·         Isn’t there hassle and paperwork involved?

If you want to invest part of your savings immediately, you have to go through several administrative steps before receiving personal advice. Spare change investing is virtually hassle and paperwork free. It’s simple, accessible and the same for all our customers. You decide whether to do so and signing up takes little time or effort. Simply open our Mobile app and start spare change investing in under two minutes.

·         Doesn’t it tie me down financially?

When you need more financial flexibility, saving or investing by standing order may not be that convenient for you. That’s why you’re also able to pause spare change investing at any time with the tap of a button. If you go overdrawn on your account, we’ll suspend roundups on your transactions until you’re back in the black.



Not everyone finds their way to investing. A lot of us experience saving and investing as losing part of our consumer power. Investing usually also requires some effort, including getting advice, making an appointment with your bank and defining your investment profile. And then there’s the persistent misunderstanding that you need a lot of money to be able to invest, so many put off investing until later. Spare change investing eliminates and responds to many of these concerns, making it a good choice for beginner investors.


Simplicity first

With spare change investing, outgoing transactions on your bank account are rounded up. The difference – on average about 0.38 euros – is immediately transferred to your KBC Investment Plan. Once you reach 10 euros, it’s invested in one of our dynamic strategy funds, so your investment is built up gradually and spread over time.

This makes investing much easier and does away with many of the usual administrative steps. ‘We’re aiming to get rid of the mysticism surrounding investment. You could compare it to your glass jar full of change, except it’s in the form of an investment fund,’ says Karin Van Hoecke, KBC’s general manager for digital transformation. ‘We do of course make it very clear to customers from the outset that they’re investing, but in simple language they can understand. That way, they can decide for themselves and make informed choices. Many people know the importance of saving and investing, but often lack financial knowledge. Spare change investing fits in perfectly with our public duty to do something about that.’

In practice, customers can start investing from as little one cent. ‘How much they will invest differs from person to person. On average, people do about 40 transactions a month using their bank account,’ continues Van Hoecke. ‘That means you could feasibly set aside 150 to 200 euros a year without even noticing it, which is a good start.

If you want to invest a larger amount or still need advice, you can easily switch to mobile investing with advice in our Mobile app or make an appointment at one of our branches or with one of our KBC Live experts for more help.

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