KBC and Graydon conclude exclusive agreement for distribution of business insights.

KBC entrepreneur clients get exclusive access to Graydon business insights via online and mobile banking of KBC.

KBC and Graydon are entering into a far-reaching exclusive cooperation which allows the Belgian entrepreneur clients of KBC, KBC Brussels and CBC to support their company activities more strongly and better. Now that the economy is gradually reviving and the business world is approaching a pre-Covid level, entrepreneurs want to know - more than ever - with whom they are doing business, whether those counterparties are solvent and can thus become a valuable business partner or customer. From now on, KBC puts the Graydon insights exclusively and unlimitedly at the disposal of its business clients in its PC and mobile banking applications, partly free of charge and partly at a very competitive rate[1].

After all, transparency is a crucial factor, on the one hand for doing business and on the other hand for the recovery of our economy. The corona support measures have clearly proved their worth over the past 1.5 years, as is apparent from the 40% fewer bankruptcies in 2020 than in 2019. However, more and more support measures are currently being scaled back. This is causing uncertainty and lack of clarity for a great many companies: research by Graydon has shown that for 20% of them it is still a challenge to keep their heads above water.    


[1] A rating of a company's financial health is free of charge, condensed reports cost 99 euros per year for an unlimited number of requests, while comprehensive company reports cost 45 euros each.

Karin Van Hoecke, Director of Digital Transformation & Data at KBC, is pleased with the cooperation: "We found Graydon in our common social ambition to create a transparent economy where companies do business in a healthy way, which leads to more prosperity and well-being. After all, companies are once again left to their own devices because they can no longer rely on the corona-support measures developed by the government and the financial sector. They therefore have to find their way quickly, easily and digitally to correct and up-to-date information in order to accurately assess their business risks.  KBC and Graydon, each from their own years of expertise, can provide companies with maximum support in this."


Peter Gazelle, Managing Director of Graydon adds: "We are proud of this next step in our long-standing cooperation with KBC. Our business insights allow entrepreneurs to do business via KBC with more certainty. Like KBC, we are convinced that transparent information strengthens trust between business partners. When companies have a clear picture of the opportunities that exist and the risks they face, cooperation ensues, deals are struck and ideas grow into reality. This is how we contribute to a better and healthier economic fabric and a more sustainable society."


The condensed Graydon business insights offered by KBC provide at a glance up-to-date and relevant information on the risk and financial profile of all companies in Belgium. This way, entrepreneurs can do business with peace of mind. Graydon developed these reports exclusively for KBC.

o       They give an insight into the financial health and the payment behaviour of a company;

o       They reduce the risks and increase the commercial opportunities; and

o       they objectify the entrepreneur's gut feeling thanks to factual information about a counterparty.


In practice, this helps customers/entrepreneurs to

o       Avoid late and/or unpaid invoices;

o       limit financial risks;

o       ensure the continuity of their business processes and

o       gain insights enabling them to make better decisions in this crucial period.


You will find more information about KBC's Graydon offer for entrepreneurs here.


How to request a Graydon company analysis?

o       Go to "Offers" in the KBC Mobile app.

o       Ask for free the Graydon rating (Fig1) of your business partners

o       Get access to a condensed company report with a Graydon subscription (99 euro per year excl. VAT) or order a comprehensive company report (fig2) (45 euro per report)

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