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    KBC and ING working together on an integrated payment and loyalty solution in Belgium

    ING and KBC have agreed on a strategic cooperation[1] for launching a unique, combined payment and loyalty programme on the Belgian market. In doing so, they are responding to the rapidly changing digital experience of their customers.

    [1] The agreement is subject to the necessary approval from government agencies. 




    Last year, ING tested its own, innovative means of payment, Payconiq, and acquired the digital loyalty platform Qustomer.  KBC helped initiate CityLife, a loyalty platform with a dual-saving option, allowing buyers to save both for themselves and for a charitable cause. This platform uses KBC MobilePay as a mobile payment solution.

    These solutions are already being used in the Belgian market by over a million Qustomer, CityLife, Payconiq users at more than 6,500 stores. They can use it to save up loyalty points, make mobile payments, or, at a select number of places, both at the same time. This network will continue to expand in the months to come.

    In terms of loyalty, CityLife and Qustomer combine their strong points in an upgraded and improved platform, which will be launched under a new brand name later this year. Regarding the payment solution, KBC will further develop with ING the Payconiq solution.

    As a teaser both Qustomer and the CityLife will be available in the Payconiq-app, and Payconiq as a payment solution in the CityLife-app as from today. On the long run, both parties are working on a combined digital customer card with a mobile payment function, which enables an unique digital experience for the customer. Both the Qustomer and CityLife loyalty-platform and the payment solution from Payconiq are open for clients from all Belgian banks.

    The fact that customers now increasingly move between different channels to make their purchases also proves that customers are expanding their digital experience. This further enhances the potential of the Payconiq payment platform, as it will be easy for customers to make mobile payments, both online and in-store, and carry out direct transactions with contacts. All they need is a smartphone and a PIN code. Three out of every four Belgians now have a smartphone, and more than 1.1 million KBC and ING customers are active users of mobile banking.

    Daniel Falque, CEO of KBC Belgium: "The importance of mobile payments, both online and in-store, is growing exponentially. The cooperation between CityLife, Qustomer and Payconiq creates a unique, strong platform which builds on that trend and the tradition of cooperation in the Belgian financial sector. That means we can offer our traders and consumers the best possible solutions. "

    Rik Vandenberghe, CEO of ING Belgium: "We offer our customers easy-to-use, relevant tools that enable them to keep one step ahead in life and business. The fantastic customer feedback about both Payconiq and Qustomer strengthens our conviction that as a bank we constantly have to innovate. And as far as innovation is concerned, we strongly believe in the power of cooperation. This cooperation helps us introduce outstanding digital services in Belgium."


    About Payconiq

    Payconiq wants to make everyday payments surprisingly simple. We combine the reliability of a bank account with the convenience and freedom offered by mobile phones. Our services are driven by banks, but they are not limited to them. The cooperation with the loyalty programme of Qustomer and CityLife means consumers can get the most out of payments. Payconiq also makes it easy to make payments to friends, and in the future it will be possible to use it for online payments. Meanwhile, Payconiq can be used for mobile payments in more than 3,500 stores in Belgium. You can find more information about Payconiq on www.payconiq.com.

    About CityLife
    CityLife is a customer loyalty platform, a spin-off from Mobile Vikings, for which Thanksys provides the technical basis in Belgium; it does the same for Sodexo in France. Along with KBC, the Limburg Investment Company (LRM) and Mediahuis have also invested in the project. The cooperation agreement was signed in February of 2015. CityLife focuses on local traders and cities, and is active in Flemish towns and regions.

    About Qustomer

    Qustomer users can save loyalty points and exchange them in stores and other trading enterprises by means of a physical card with a QR code, or via the Qustomer app on their smartphone. Store owners and other traders only have to install a tablet in their physical point of sale to award loyalty points. Qustomer was founded in 2012, and already has over one million card users and over 2,600 participating stores throughout Belgium.

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