KBC Autolease focuses on multi-mobility

Employees and businesses currently look for solutions to help them organise their mobility management efficiently and in a way that meets their different needs. Much attention is being paid to multi-mobility. KBC Autolease is moving up a gear and, by concentrating on various transport options, is placing ever more emphasis on the transition from a leasing company to a mobility provider.

On top of that, KBC Autolease is selected as partner for 'Slim naar Antwerpen'.

People are now regularly leaving the company car in the garage and are also switching more often between using the car, bicycle and public transport. The government is supporting this trend by creating a legislative framework for sustainable alternatives (e.g., a mobility budget for employees, road pricing, etc.) and aiming for a properly thought-through infrastructure network (such as cycle highways).

Designers are helping create this new direction and developing solutions for smoother and cleaner mobility (for instance, electric and hybrid vehicles, electric (folding) bikes and speed pedelecs). The standard, leased diesel vehicle is increasingly making way for the bicycle, public transport, petrol vehicles, and hybrid or electric vehicles.

KBC Autolease is encouraging this change in behaviour by offering solutions that allow people to choose freely and deliberately how they wish to travel.


Multi-mobility is not just limited to the commute to and from work. It also takes into account how employees travel for work and in their personal lives. It is designed for everyone within the company,. Multi-mobility enables different transport solutions to be combined (bicycle, car, public transport) based on the mobility needs of individual employees.


  • The bicycle

Last year, KBC Autolease developed an alternative to the car. Going by the name of 'Bike Lease', it is a solution for a number of present-day issues, including mobility, and also incorporates certain social and economic dimensions. Besides working together with 61 bicycle shops throughout Belgium, a contract was recently signed with Ateljee[1] in Ghent for the repair and resale of bicycles after the bike lease ends.

The bicycle is also a tax-efficient and cost-effective means of transport. There are no fuel costs, its use is encouraged by tax breaks and cycling allowances are available.

At present, KBC Autolease has arranged some 1 000 bicycles for 20 companies, including over 200 at KBC itself. Clients are especially appreciative of the freedom they have in the choice of bicycle offered (cargo bike, mountain bike, folding bike, racing bike, trekking bike, city bike, electric bike) and of being able to work with both the local and social economies.


  • The car

The car is, nevertheless, still the most popular means of transport for people working in Belgium. Today, however, it is just one of the transport options offered by KBC Autolease in a multi-mobile transport package. What's more, sustainability has been central to this approach and the client can choose from six different options: petrol, hybrid, electric, diesel, Compressed Natural Gas and plug-in hybrid. Together with the client, KBC Autolease is working towards making the vehicle fleet greener, as illustrated by the fact that 27% of new leased cars in March were running on a fuel other than diesel.


  • Public and other means of transport

Besides the bicycle and the car, KBC Autolease also offers another means of transport that can be integrated into the multi-mobility package. The Olympus app[2] enables users to organise their mobility efficiently in just one action. They choose the means – or combination – of transport (train, bus, tram, metro or bicycle) that offers the easiest way of getting them to their destination. They make that choice for all or part of their journey if that works out better for them (in terms of where they are going and when they will arrive there) than with the leased vehicle. All journeys are recorded automatically, opening the way for simple administrative processing.

Clients of KBC Autolease will soon be able to use the Olympus app.

Thanks to Olympus, KBC Autolease is selected as partner for 'Slim naar Antwerpen'.

Werner Franck, KBC Autolease CEO, sums it up: 'KBC Autolease is promoting multi-mobility not only for the convenience and enjoyment of employees or as a cost-effective transport model for businesses. By offering a mix of sustainable solutions – more bicycle, less diesel – we are also giving the environment more breathing space and giving our society a better quality of life. And ultimately, that’s what it’s all about! Working closely with local businesses also enables us to give local entrepreneurship an additional boost. And our approach fits in perfectly with KBC's revamped sustainability policy.'


[1] This leading skills-provider in Flanders provides a wide range of projects to people having difficulty entering the employment market.

[2] http://www.olympus-mobility.com/en/home-1.htm



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