KBC (Brussels)/CBC customers to transfer money instantly at no extra cost from 4 March

As of 4 March, customers who have a Plus Account or business account with KBC*  transfer money to other accounts in seconds, even to accounts held at other participating banks. Instant credit transfers can be made or received 24/7 (weekends and public holidays included) by customers of participating banks.

KBC doesn’t charge for instant credit transfers.



Instant transactions are nothing new for KBC customers, who have been able to transfer and receive money between KBC accounts in real time for some time now.

Now they can also make instant credit transfers to accounts held at other Belgian banks. Belgian banks gradually introducing instant credit transfers include: Argenta, Bank de Kremer, Bank J. Van Breda & C°, Bank Nagelmackers, Belfius Bank, BNP Paribas Fortis, CBC Banque, CPH Banque, Crelan, Europabank, Fintro, Hello bank!, ING Belgium, KBC Bank, KBC Brussels and vdk bank. A growing list of banks in Belgium will offer this service going forward.


Ivo De Meersman, General Manager of Payments & Cards KBC Bank, sums up the benefits for customers: ‘Belgium was one of the first countries with banks offering their customers instant credit transfers. KBC has striven to give its customers the unique possibilities offered by modern payment technology right from the start. Today, credit transfers between different banks take on average two business days. From 4 March onwards, transfers made using KBC digital services will appear on accounts at other banks in just a few seconds – at no extra charge. Instant credit transfers mean payments are now much faster and more transparent.’


The launch of instant credit transfers has been carefully prepared and will be phased due to the complexity and consequences involved. The first instant credit transfers in Belgium will be made on 4 March 2019. Participating banks will start with small volumes and systematically increase them day by day.


Who can make and receive instant credit transfers with KBC?

a)      Making payments

Transfers are now made as standard in the fastest way possible and without customers having to do anything themselves. Credit transfers are made instantly for customers, provided they fulfil all of the following conditions:

·        Have a Plus Account or business account

·        Pay through a digital service (Touch, Mobile and K’Ching apps, plus non-cash-dispensing ATMs)

·        Bank with a bank that supports instant credit transfers (if a bank doesn’t yet support instant credit transfers, transfers will continue to be made to them as standard ones)


b)     Receiving payments

When an instant credit transfer from a participating bank is made to a KBC customer, they see the amount appear instantly on their account.


As regards receiving instant credit transfers, participating banks have agreed that there will be no conditions attached to doing so. This means that all customers can receive instant credit transfers on their account.

KBC will expand its instant credit transfer service in the course of 2019, including increasing focus on businesses.

Please find more info on instant credit transfers on the KBC website


* References to ‘KBC’ include CBC and KBC Brussels

* Business accounts include the: KBC Business Account, KBC Business Pro Account (compte Business One CBC), KBC Business Convenience Account, KBC Business Compact Account, KBC Escrow Account, KBC Law Office Account and KBC Itemised Account. Transfers from these accounts using KBC’s Touch and Mobile apps or non-cash-dispensing ATMs are made as instant credit transfers, where possible. This service will be expanded going forward.


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