KBC Group gets top score 'A' for transparent climate communication.

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), an international nonprofit organization, launches an annual survey of companies' efforts on climate change. Worldwide, CDP is recognized as the gold standard for transparent environmental reporting by major corporations, cities and investors. 

On the basis of the 2022 CDP questionnaire on climate change, KBC Group has today - as one of the few companies and only Belgian financial institution - achieved an 'A' label. Nearly 15,000 companies were evaluated. Only 283 companies (including 156 in Europe and 4 in Belgium) received that label for their climate communication.

CDP uses a detailed and independent methodology to rate these companies, assigning a score from A to D based on transparency, awareness and management of environmental risks and demonstration of best practices, such as setting ambitious and meaningful environmental goals. Companies that provide no or insufficient information are given an F.

Johan Thijs, CEO KBC Group is very pleased: "I am extremely proud that we have achieved this 'A' label. It means that our sustained transparent communication about our climate efforts is paying off. By reporting annually on our climate goals and vision and through our environmental efforts and results, we are contributing to a global sustainable transition. We have been paying attention to the environment since 1970, with the creation of Stichting Leefmilieu, but since 2012, sustainability - and thus the fight against climate change - has been part of our group strategy. Our Corporate Sustainability department is fully embedded in our business model and in the way we achieve our sustainability goals."

Filip Ferrante, General Manager Corporate Sustainability, adds: "We publish on sustainability at different levels, addressing a variety of stakeholders. Crucial to our reporting are our Sustainability Report and our Climate Report. The Sustainability Report provides insight into our sustainability progress, the value we create for our stakeholders and how we manage our short- and long-term impacts along the value chain. The Climate Report outlines our group-wide climate vision and ambitions for the coming years in lending and asset management. In that report, we set ambitious new targets for the climate impact of our lending portfolio and asset management activities. The international recognition we receive from CDP therefore crowns our consistent and consistent sustainability reporting."

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Stef Leunens Corporate Communication Manager
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