KBC helps prevent and alleviate household emergencies, even when nobody's home

KBC offers innovations that make life easier for its clients and increase their domestic comfort. Our clients also want security, convenience and peace of mind when it comes to their homes. KBC is launching several new services to help them achieve that: KBC SmartHome and KBC Home Assistance.

KBC is also adding more digital services. Tenants, for instance, can now open a Security Deposit Savings Account entirely online. Clients will also be able to easily check online whether they are adequately insured using a handy checklist.


KBC SmartHome: peace of mind when you’re out

We all worry sometimes when we’re outside the home... did we forget something that could cause a fire or water damage? To increase safety in the home, KBC is launching KBC SmartHome on 1 March in collaboration with fifthplay*. The new package consists of a smoke and a water detector, plus a gateway device to provide an internet connection. An app then warns the user if smoke or leaking water are detected. Householders can also use the app to turn appliances on and off using smart plugs, staying in touch with their home even when far away. Users can extend the package by adding further smoke, carbon monoxide and water detectors and smart plugs through fifthplay's online shop. The same platform is used to pay for the service itself, costing 209 euros (including a gateway device, smoke and water detectors, smartphone alerts, regular software updates, new features and remote support).


KBC Home Assistance for help in a hurry

KBC Home Assistance is there to help with unexpected domestic problems: a blocked toilet, a short-circuit in the fusebox, or central heating that packs up in the middle of the winter. Qualified professionals will carry out provisional repairs around the clock, seven days a week. Within 24 hours (two hours in an emergency), they will do what is necessary to prevent or limit further damage to the home.
For 6.50 euros a month, the policy covers:

  • Labour costs (up to 400 euros)
  • Spare parts to temporarily fix the damage (up to 100 euros)
  • Call-out costs

The policy will be available from 1 March 2017 from KBC Bank branches and KBC Insurance agents. From May 2017 onwards, it can also be taken out online using the KBC Mobile app.


Convenient online innovations for policyholders and tenants

KBC also offers convenient innovations like the ability to open a Security Deposit Savings Account or check your insurance online.

Clients will be able to easily check online whether they are adequately insured using a handy checklist. If not, they'll be able to apply online to change their insurance as required. Clients will be notified through KBC Touch once this service is available there.

Tenants can get a Security Deposit Savings Account entirely online, using a fast and simple digital process: a single signature is all it takes to open the account and pay in the security deposit. The Security Deposit Savings Account can be used for a house, flat, student accommodation, sheltered flat or a room in a nursing home. One more item that tenants can tick off on their rental checklist (https://www.kbc.be/en/home/ontdek-onze-checklist-huren.html). This will be available through KBC Touch from 21 March and KBC Mobile from 28 March.

KARIN VAN HOECKE (General Manager of Mobile First): These solutions are a new step for KBC to help clients avoid risks and to offer them swift and pragmatic assistance in the event of a claim. KBC is working with new technologies and reliable partners to promote comfortable and care-free living.

Competitive rate for renovation loans

In addition to these innovations, KBC is adjusting its interest rate for green energy loans as of today, reducing it from 2.45% to 1.90%. The rate for other renovation loans is 2.95%.

The experts at KBC Live are there to answer questions on home loans. They can be easily reached on + 32 16 43 29 15 (https://www.kbc.be/campaigns/kbclive/nl/index.html).









* fifthplay is a subsidiary of the NIKO group. This Belgian innovator and trendsetter in the smart home field is national market leader in electric plugs and sockets.


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Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
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