KBC will also in 2022 support “De Warmste Week” as the exclusive main partner of the event.

This year, the focus is on the fight against poverty.

KBC is committed to supporting the De Warmste Week campaign also in 2022 as an exclusive main partner. Poverty is the central theme of De Warmste Week. Several initiatives will be organized to support selected projects around this theme.

The kick-off takes place today: non-profit organizations can as of now submit projects around the theme of fight against poverty to the DWW Fund of the King Baudouin Foundation. On September 27th the projects selected by an independent jury (led by Eva Vereecke, director of De Ambrassade) will be announced and everyone can register actions to support these projects through www.dewarmsteweek.be.

In 2022 KBC sets the flames of De Warmste Week in motion. Poverty through lack of opportunities is of all times and occurs at all ages. With De Warmste Week, KBC wants to help support those who are confronted with it in our society.

David Moucheron, CEO KBC Belgium summarizes KBC's commitment as follows: "Despite the progress in our society, there is still inequality in the opportunities people are given. As a company that is firmly rooted in society, KBC also wants to do its part to help eliminate this inequality of opportunity. Because people who are given opportunities can dream, grow and realize their goals . We are convinced of this. That is why we fully support De Warmste Week. Together we will boost initiatives to tackle poverty!"

Frederik Delaplace, CEO of VRT is enthusiastic about joining forces: "VRT is there for all Flemings, so also for those who have fewer opportunities. That's why the public broadcaster is pulling out all the stops this autumn with De Warmste Week to fire up against poverty. Eén, MNM, Studio Brussel, Ketnet and VRT NU will join forces to connect all of Flanders around the theme. This way we can support the projects of De Warmste Week together and raise a dam against poverty."

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