Maximum protection against cyber crime.

That's KBC's unique Cybersecurity Service and Internet Protection Insurance

KBC recently introduced its new protection against a wide range of cyber crime activity, which it offers as a unique package. Households can get protection against Internet fraud, identity theft and web harassment. Plus, they also get handy antivirus and antiphishing software.

And it's not just the total package that's unique. Just as unique is the fact that KBC clients can get themselves this assurance via KBC Mobile.

It's getting more and more usual to go online to shop, book holidays, do banking or get insurance. Huge amounts of data circulate on the web. Unfortunately, people with less honourable motives have also discovered the possibilities offered by the Internet.

Which is why KBC has now developed a security package aimed at private individuals. It consists of two tools: one, prevention; the other, cure. Each is also available separately. 

1. The KBC Cybersecurity Service wards off improper behaviour and contains

  • antivirus software for computers running on Windows or Mac OS, and Android tablets and smartphones. This software identifies, blocks and removes malware;
  • antiphishing software for computers running on Windows or Mac OS. This software prevents you from accessing harmful websites;
  • 24/7 professional helpdesk support to assist in resolving thorny virus issues.

2. KBC Internet Protection Insurance for when your computer succumbs

KBC Internet Protection Insurance is triggered when an attacker succeeds in causing harm. Cover protects funds credited to the insured account(s) as well as identity theft and reputation damage.

  • Payments: when the client falls victim to fraud or deceit over the Internet, sums fraudulently misappropriated are repaid.
  • Misuse of identity: if personal details are stolen over the Internet, the steps taken are covered.
  • Misuse of reputation: if the user is a victim of slanderous or defamatory conduct via the Internet, they can get help from a specialist to protect their reputation and prevent further harm.


  • The KBC Cybersecurity Service costs 3 euros a month and covers the entire household living at one and the same address.
  • KBC Internet Protection Insurance costs 3 euros per month per account or 6 euros a month for all accounts of which a household member is a holder.
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Ilse De Muyer Corporate Communication Manager
Ilse De Muyer Corporate Communication Manager
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