Over 10 000 KBC customers keen to test contactless payments using wearables. Oldest participant is 94 years old and will make contactless watch payments for a year.

  • More than 10 000 KBC customers have signed up for KBC’s wearables payments trial.
  • A thousand customers get to take part, based on their reasons for doing so.
  • Participants are personally invited to come and collect the wearable of their choice (watch, ring, bracelet or key ring) at events in Ghent (1 and 2 December), Antwerp (8 and 9 December) and Leuven (15 December) and have it linked to their KBC payment card. KBC staff will guide them on the spot in their first transaction with their wearable.
  • The trial runs from 1 December 2018 until 31 December 2019. Participants will be regularly asked for feedback, which will be crucial for further developing and launching this new and innovative way to pay.

KBC’s announcement on 8 November through various channels has clearly not fallen on deaf ears, with over 10 000 applications through the KBC website to take part in the trial.

Karin Van Hoecke, KBC’s General Manager of Digital Transformation: ‘We’re positively surprised and really happy with the wide reaction from our customers. A big thanks to them for their enthusiastic response! It shows how open they are to innovative and user-friendly ways to pay. Using payment cards and smartphones to pay by contactless has been available for some time now – and more and more of our customers are doing so. For the next year, 1 000 customers will be able to make their daily contactless payments using a wearable device. We look forward with great interest to feedback from the participants on how they experience this innovative way of paying.


Who are the more than 10 000 enthusiastic candidates?

Applicants were from all over Flanders. Breaking the figures down per event gives the following result:

  • Ghent: 3 600 applicants
  • Antwerp: 3 400 applicants
  • Leuven: 3 000 applicants

Some 70% of applicants were male, 30% female.

Candidates of all ages applied:

  • 18-29: 26%
  • 30-39: 24%
  • 40-49: 21%
  • 50-59: 16%
  • 60-69: 11%
  • Over 70: 2% 

Who are the 1 000 finalists and which wearable did they choose?

  •  252 participants chose a LAKS watch

         413 participants took a ring

         180 participants will pay by contactless for a year with a key ring

         155 participants opted for a bracelet

  • The oldest participant is 94 years old and will use a LAKS watch.
  • The average age of the trial participants is 39.
  • 55% are male/45% are female


The trial starts on 1 December 2018 and will finish at the latest on 31 December 2019. KBC will regularly ask participants for feedback and also keep them informed using special trial progress newsletters.


The trial is being run in association with Maestro, so participants may need to ask at some sales points for payment terminals to be enabled to accept Maestro payments.

Customers will be able to make fully secure wearable payments anywhere they see the Maestro sign.


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