Proximus and KBC collaborate to kick-off some first innovative initiatives to the benefit of their customers

Proximus and KBC collaborate to kick-off some first innovative initiatives to the benefit of their customers

KBC proposes financing solutions in Proximus shops and includes telecom offers of Proximus in the KBC Deals Program

Proximus will facilitate payments in its My Proximus app and will enable Proximus’ bill consultation and payment in KBC Mobile

Over the past few months, Proximus and KBC have been exploring different domains in which they could offer their respective customers an inspiring experience. They are launching now some first tangible  initiatives.

As from this week, in order to assess customers’ interest,  KBC’s financing solutions will be proposed to  customers buying a new device in the main Proximus shops in Flanders. On top of this, Proximus will suggest special offers in the KBC Deals program.

In 2020, customers will also be able to consult and pay their Proximus invoices through the KBC Mobile app and all customers will be able to execute payments in the MyProximus app using the new opportunities of PSD2.

By working together, Proximus and KBC want to offer their customers a great user experience and give them access to a wide range of high-quality products and services, making their lives easier and better. Both companies are exploring additional innovative opportunities like exploiting joint content and developing joint propositions combining  telecom and banking solutions for starting entrepreneurs.

Johan Thijs, CEO KBC Group : "With KBC, our ambition is to be the reference in terms of bank insurance for our clients in our core markets. Therefore we are pleased to announce today that we are collaborating with Proximus on technical and commercial cooperation opportunities. We are exploring how we can enable our customers to benefit from each other's high-quality products and services. In addition, we are both enthusiastic about developing new products and services together, thus becoming a reference in our sectors and offering our customers an unrivalled and unique customer journey."


Guillaume Boutin, CEO of Proximus : "Both Proximus and KBC are strong brands in their local markets and a reference in their sector. We are both highly focussed on putting our customers first, and on the need for constant innovation to remain relevant to them. I’m convinced that we can make a difference and grasp the opportunities of digital by creating new local ecosystems through various partnerships that bring value to our customers and to the Belgian economy. Both banks and telecom companies have strong and complementary digital assets that play a central role in people’s lives which can lead to even better journeys for our customers when being combined.”


KBC Mobile customers benefit from extra added value

The increasing popularity of KBC Mobile shows that the mobile banking app is making life easier for more and more consumers and is taking an increasingly central place on their smartphone.

More than 1 million KBC Mobile customers today increasingly use their banking and insurance services on a daily basis.  In addition, more than 182,000 of them also use the non-banking services of various third parties in the app. For example, they buy a ticket from De Lijn or SNCB, pay a parking session with 4411 or at Q-Park, order service cheques, etc. In November, there were more than 200,000 purchases of these non-banking services. 

At the beginning of December, KBC was the first financial institution in Belgium to open up its mobile applications to non-customers. Furthermore, on that occasion, KBC launched the KBC Deals program to offer its customers relevant automatic cashback discounts on purchases from dozens of national brand chains, local retailers and commercial partners, webshops and service providers - in so far as the customer opts to use them. KBC Deals has not missed its start. A few days after the launch, the counter was already at around 30,000 unique users of KBC Deals and more than 11,000 activated deals. Proximus will offer its services with a discount in the context of the KBC Deals program.

KBC wants its customers to benefit from the widest possible range of services and also cooperates with other telecom operators.


Both MyProximus and Proximus Pickx digital services continue to evolve along with the customer’s needs

While Proximus focused earlier this year on the launch of its new Pickx entertainment platform which already reached 1.1 million monthly unique visitors via web and app, Proximus will continue to pursue evolution and innovation on all its services to best serve the customer’s needs.

Therefore, the sales and servicing platform MyProximus is undergoing a major evolution to transform into a portal, truly opening up a world of digital opportunities which enable a better daily life and smarter ways of working for all its users.

The MyProximus platform is today already used by over 1.6 million users. The recently added loyalty service Enjoy! offered more than 40 deals and contests since its launch in the summer reaching 200,000 unique customers so far. Also more than 1 million prepaid reloads will have been done through Proximus’ digital channels this year. Small enterprise customers can now also book a shop appointment via MyProximus and all customers will soon be able to optimize their in-home WIFI experience through the app.

To extend this transformation, Proximus joins forces with partners in all domains, big or small, mostly locally anchored, to best match their added value with the existing ecosystem and create as such a virtuous environment for Belgian citizens and businesses to flourish. To do so, Proximus is also cooperating with other financial players in various domains.

Karin Van Hoecke, Director of Digital Transformation KBC Belgium : "We note that consumer expectations are evolving rapidly. Consumers expect access to a much broader and more attractive range of services. They want to be able to activate it quickly and easily directly from a single central app, without any hassle. As KBC, we have been working on this for quite some time now and we intend to continue to do so in the coming years. We are developing KBC Mobile into an open platform that is easily accessible for every consumer and offers real financial added value. Proximus can help us to realise this added value, For example, we are currently offering  immediate financing of mobile devices in a number of Proximus shop. We are also working on a joint offer for entrepreneurs, starting with scale-ups, which will save them a lot of red tape. For example, we are considering offering a joint product package for starters or organising local events on digitisation for entrepreneurs together. So, it goes much further than an exchange of services in each other's app. As strong local brands, we want to complement each other to offer added value to our private and entrepreneurial customers."

Ben Vandermeulen, Director Consumer Strategy & Ecosystem Development at Proximus : Connectivity is more essential than ever – wherever, whenever, it supports the digital daily life of each and every one of us. We therefore place Fiber and soon 5G roll-outs at the top of our priorities, as our networks are the backbone of the entire transformation Proximus has started: they are the critical enablers to support Proximus ambition to change into a major actor in Belgium’s digital economy development.

Providing this essential connectivity isn’t enough though. Continuously anticipating on the consumer’s needs, bringing them relevant services with best in class digital experience, all the way from servicing to domains such as entertainment, will remain our major focus. We delivered the first building block with our Pickx platform earlier this year and deploy the same innovative mindset upon MyProximus at the moment. KBC is a solid partner to support our ambitions for MyProximus and start transforming it into much more than a servicing app. From smoothening sales journeys through KBC financing and even initiating KBC payment capabilities directly at the heart of our platform, KBC brings us the added value Proximus needs to create a relevant, seamless and truly superior customer experience. Of course, we have numerous further collaborative tracks in mind for us to explore with KBC, for instance around content distribution, bridging entertainment and servicing to pursue the innovative track with Pickx started in June.”


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Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
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