Starting today, Goal Alert in KBC Mobile lets you relive immediately all the key moments from the Jupiler Pro League in near-live time

Starting today, Goal Alert in KBC Mobile lets you relive immediately all the key moments from the Jupiler Pro League in near-live time

Fans of the football can see all the goals and key match action in near-live time and take in the highlights of all the games in the Jupiler Pro League at the end of match days. Regardless of whether they're a customer or not at KBC, CBC or KBC Brussels, the only thing to do is setting up the latest version of KBC[1] Mobile.

KBC  Mobile is the only app in Belgium, or indeed anywhere else for that matter, providing these near-live clips.

Football fans in Brussels and Wallonia will also be able to enjoy the same experience using the respective KBC Brussels Mobile and CBC Mobile apps. Football is the most popular sport in the world and that's no different in Belgium.

This season, football fans will be able to enjoy more than 300 games, some 30.000 minutes of action and hopefully hundreds of goals.

  • Instant notifications are sent when something important happens in a match, like a goal or red card.
  • Goals and video footage of the main action are available as from 3 minutes after the action, throughout the match and until 30 minutes after the final whistle.
  • All the match action can be followed on a timeline that shows goal-scoring opportunities, goals, substitutions, yellow and red cards, as well as VAR interventions.
  • On the last day of the game, from 11:59 pm, you will also get to see all the summaries of the football weekend. The highlights of all the matches can be viewed throughout the season.

Thanks to the agreement with Eleven Sports, the new rights holder of the Pro League, KBC has acquired the exclusive rights to offer digital 'near live clips' of the Jupiler Pro League matches. In addition, KBC has also acquired the non-exclusive rights to the digital summaries of the JPL matches. Customers and non-customers of KBC therefore do not have to miss anything of the Jupiler Pro League as of today.

A user-friendly way for those football fans who don't have the time to watch a full match or who don't feel like splashing out on an expensive subscription but are still keen to keep up with the action.

Commentary and footage of all the goals and highlights of matches involving your favourite team(s) or for all 18 teams will be pushed to your phone in near-live time, ensuring you don't miss any key action moments and are able to follow the fortunes of your favourite club at all times, no matter where you're at. What's more, you can sit back and watch the highlights of all games at the end of each match day.

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This service enables KBC to offer all football fans in Belgium, whether customers or not, a unique and exclusive mobile football experience. Even if you're not a KBC customer, you can still use the KBC Mobile app without being required to have any KBC banking or insurance products.

How much does Goal Alert cost?

  • For customers holding a KBC Plus Account (i.e. the vast majority of them), it is included in the price of the account package.
  • For customers holding another type of account (such as the free KBC Basic Account) or people who are not KBC customers, Goal Alert is provided for free until the end of November without any obligation to buy. After then, they can continue to receive footage by purchasing a Goal Alert Video Pass for 0.99 euros a month and are free to cancel the subscription whenever they like.

How do you activate or install Goal Alert?

If you're a KBC customer and use the KBC Mobile app: just klick on the Goal Alert button in KBC Mobile.

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If you're not a KBC customer: install KBC Mobile and select ‘Discover Goal Alert’.

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Non-banking services gaining in popularity
In December 2019, KBC became the first financial institution in Belgium to open up its proprietary mobile app (KBC Mobile) to a wider public than its own customer base. Non-customers too can use a number of non-banking services through KBC Mobile, even if they don't have any banking or insurance products at KBC. And that's something that is gaining popularity with this type of platform customer. Over 1.5 million customers now use the KBC Mobile app for their banking and insurance business. More than 280 000 of them also use the third-party non-banking services, which we have been gradually rolling out since mid-2018. They can be used for many things, including for buying De Lijn, STIB and SNCB public transport tickets and multi-journey cards, paying for parking (4411 and Q-Park), reserving a shared bike or car, ordering service vouchers or checking luncheon voucher balances, refuelling at Q8 without the need for a bank card, booking Brussels Airport Fast Lane or Lounge Passes and buying Kinepolis cinema tickets. Non-banking services like this have already been used more than three million times.


Overview of additional non-banking services available in KBC Mobile.

 [1] KBC is also taken to mean CBC and KBC Brussels.


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