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    Evacuation drill at KBC premises on Brusselsesteenweg in Leuven

    Monday, October 13, 2014 — At 10 a.m. today, KBC began an evacuation drill at its head office building on Brusselsesteenweg in Leuven. This drill is being carried out in close cooperation with the Leuven emergency services. KBC apologises for any disruption that this drill may cause its clients or suppliers. As usual, clients can still contact their KBC branch or the KBC Telecenter on freephone number 078 152 154.

    These types of evacuation drills are carried out at least once a year at all KBC's large buildings and are part of the bank-insurer's health and safety policy. The drills are focused on ensuring that, in the event of a real evacuation, everybody in the KBC building involved at that time can leave the building quickly and safely. KBC's business continuity plans are also implemented during these drills so that clients, suppliers and internal services located elsewhere get the service they need during the drill.

    During the drill that is being carried out in Leuven today, KBC and the local emergency services are simulating for the first time an incident in which people are injured. In this regard, the emergency services will intervene in real time. The building on Brusselsesteenweg will remain empty until the end of the drill. All KBC's other business premises will of course be accessible and operational as usual.

    Viviane Huybrecht Directrice Communication Groupe / Porte-parole de KBC Groupe SA at KBC Groupe SA