From now on, KBC resolutely opts for sustainable investment solutions via KBC Mobile

From now on, KBC resolutely opts for sustainable investment solutions via KBC Mobile

KBC customers* have already access to a sustainable pension savings fund and to sustainable investments with advice in KBC Mobile. From now on, they can also start a sustainable investment plan and make sustainable investments with their spare change. In doing so, KBC resolutely opts for sustainable investment processes in KBC Mobile. This will also contribute to the ambitious sustainability objectives that KBC has recently tightened up** . For example, KBC aims to more than double the share of SRI investment funds by 2025. SRI funds should account for 50% or more of new fund production by 2021. All of KBC's SRI funds also have the Towards Sustainability Quality label.

Sustainability is an integral part of KBC's overall business strategy. Mobile investment clearly appeals to customers. That is why KBC has been working hard in recent months to convert the existing KBC Mobile investment formulas to a sustainable version. ‘Investing with your spare change' and the investment plan will automatically be linked to an SRI investment solution from the end of October (SRI: ‘Sustainable and Responsible Investing’).

Filip Ferrante, General Manager Corporate Sustainability KBC Group explains: "Today's investor expects open and honest communication about the sustainability level of the investment solutions offered by his bank. This will enable us to build a better and more sustainable society together. Anyone who invests via KBC Mobile has been offered a sustainable investment solution for pension savings and investment with advice for some time now. I'm therefore pleased that we can now expand this sustainable offer even further with the investment plan and the easily accessible and very successful 'Investing with your spare change'. So in every investment process in KBC Mobile, the client is presented with a sustainable investment solution".

KBC is also one of the founders of sustainable investing in Belgium. Clients have had access to SRI solutions since 1992 and KBC is systematically expanding that range. In doing so, KBC is responding to society's constantly evolving expectations, which have put sustainability and social responsibility clearly on the agenda. KBC wishes to continue along this path.

Trends identified by KBC today:

• Of every new 100 euro invested with KBC in Belgium in 2020, 47 euro was invested in a sustainable investment solution.

• 65,000 customers already opted for low-threshold 'Investing with spare change'.


More ambitious sustainability objectives

Johan Thijs CEO of KBC Group : "We have recently sharpened our sustainability objectives . KBC Group wants to remain the reference and will raise the bar substantially for its climate-related ambitions. For example, our ambition is to further reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions by 80% (compared to 2015) by 2030 and to be fully climate neutral by the end of 2021 by offsetting the difference".


• SRI funds: to more than double SRI funds by 2025; SRI funds ≥ 50% of new fund production by 2021

• Renewable energy loans (as a % of the total energy-sector loan portfolio): target raised from 50% to 65% by 2030

• Direct coal-related finance: KBC has a proven track record in reducing its direct exposure to the coal industry and is firmly committed to exiting the sector in 2021, while supporting existing customers in their transition

• Green electricity (as a % of own electricity consumption): target raised from 90% to 100% by 2030

• Reduction in own greenhouse gas emissions (in % terms, compared to 2015): target reduction has been raised from 65% to 80% by 2030. KBC will achieve full climate neutrality by the end of 2021, by offsetting the balance.


‘Investing with your spare change’​​​​​​​

KBC introduced spare change investing as an accessible form of investment in November 2018*** . Today, almost 65,000 clients invest with their spare change. The principle is simple: while customers make their daily expenses and payments, KBC automatically rounds off these amounts to the next full euro. These roundups are being invested. The amounts are so small that the customer barely notices them. No lifestyle adjustment, no threshold, no extra effort. Subscribing and monitoring the invested amount is very easy in KBC Mobile. Every outgoing transaction on the bank account is rounded up. The difference is immediately transferred to a KBC investment plan. Each tranche of 10 euros is invested in a dynamic KBC investment solution. In this way, an investment is built up gradually and spread over time.


*For KBC, CBC and KBC Brussels Customers

**Press release 12/11/2020

***Press release 24/10/2018

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