Get-a-Teacher has become a strong label within education in 2 years’ time. Due to high demand, KBC expands offering with new modules and more teachers

Financial literacy is one of the areas on which KBC focuses in its sustainability policy. It is also part of the educational objectives  for secondary school students. KBC therefore developed initiatives to optimise the financial knowledge of young people. Via Get-a-Teacher, schools can 'order' a teacher from KBC free of charge and without obligation. The instructor is a KBC employee with expertise in payment transactions, savings and investments, lending, insurance and related topics.

Get-a-Teacher was developed in early 2017 for the Dutch-speaking part of the country and is aimed at secondary schools, colleges and universities.

After two years KBC notes that interest is still increasing and the number of bookings continues to rise. For the school year 2017-2018 KBC answered no less than 758 applications. For the school year 2018-2019, the number of applications at the end of January was already 542.

The number of teachers has grown from 10 to 80 in just 2 years. It is mainly young KBC employees who are strongly motivated to teach young people to look critically at financial information and to share their expertise.

Tailor-made teaching package, adapted to the target group

Get-a-Teacher is a free, completely non-binding offer and is separate from the commercial communication of KBC Bank. The teaching packages do not contain KBC logos, nor do they mention, let alone promote, KBC products or services. 

For the secondary schools, 5 teaching packages have been put together, each adapted to the target group. They are in line with the attainment targets and have been screened for pedagogical approach.

During the two-hour lesson, depending on the class or level, different topics are covered, relating to payments, savings and investments, lending, insurance and related topics. The students gain insight into personal financial situations in particular and into the financial world in general. The lessons are interactive with a lot of attention for the environment of the youngsters. Their reactions will not lie: "I feel less afraid. I am bankable"; "I still have a lot to learn financially and you have made me a little wiser"; "We want you as a teacher!”

Content of the teaching packages

Package A: 'learning to handle money smartly' for 2nd grade:

  • What is the role of a bank, practical information about payments, borrowing, insurance, saving and investing (the basics),
  • with special attention to practical payment methods and borrowing.

Package B: 'learning to handle money smartly' for 3rd grade:

  • What is the role of a bank, practical information about payments, borrowing and business,
  • With attention for insurance, savings and investments.

Package C: 'entrepreneurship is exciting' for students with a sense of entrepreneurship,

  • general information on the different aspects of entrepreneurship
  • a case study - the way to your own business.

Package E: 'budget management' for 2nd degree:

  • How to balance income and expenses
  • Tips & tricks to spare
  • Escape Room Budget

Package F: 'budget management' for 3rd degree:

  • How to balance income and expenses
  • Know what you can afford, how to deal with debts
  • Escape Room Budget

KBC also developed a number of specific packages for Higher Education:

  • an inspiration session (package D) about 'how to become your own boss',
  • a session on exchange rates,
  • one on Monetary policy and
  • and one on microfinance.

Rising demand from schools

The demand for Get-a-Teacher is still rising. Most applications come from the province of Antwerp, followed by West Flanders.  Last year, General Secondary Education was the largest applicant, this year KBC sees the biggest success in Exceptional Secondary Education.

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