KBC and CBC introduce business clients to a network of 16.000 companies in 22 countries

  • The KBC/CBC Trade Club is a dedicated platform to help business clients develop international business and trade. It is an innovative, easy to use information platform available to business clients from KBC Group.
  • The platform is accessible in Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria as from today.
  • KBC/CBC Trade Club gives access to 16.000 companies in 22 countries through the Trade Club Alliance (initiated by Grupo Santander two years ago).

What is it?

As from today KBC Group grants access to its business clients in Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria through the KBC/CBC Trade Club: a (closed) platform with two major services: a matchmaking community and an extensive library including extensive market information.

  1. The matchmaking community generates business opportunities and offers more options for national or international growth thanks to the 16.000 companies in 22 countries which are already on the platform. All of the companies were introduced by one of the 8 member banks of the platform and as such, become trusted counterparts.
  2. The library offers
  • all necessary information on countries in the world. It is an extensive library with information, tools and resources to help companies grow their business abroad (e.g. market/country reports, blacklists, customs procedures on 171 countries, extensive database of worldwide importers and exporters,…).
  • extended market information on 121 countries to find the most promising international markets for a company’s products and services.


Luc Popelier, CEO International Markets of KBC Group, adds:I’m proud that KBC Group can grant access to its business clients to this unique platform. Not only thanks to the extensive community, but also in terms of background and useful information. We expect that the KBC/CBC Trade Club gives new opportunities to our clients to further develop their ideas and expand their business.

One of the strengths of the Trade Club consists in the fact that reliable and creditworthy clients from different partner banks are brought together on one platform. Current partner banks are Banco Santander, Nordea, Eurobank, Banco BPM, Credit Agricole, Industrial Bank of Korea, Attijarawafa Bank. Other banks will follow soon.

Who gets access?

Business clients from KBC in Belgium[1], Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria will be gradually approached and invited to join the KBC/CBC Trade Club by their relationship manager. Once they accepted the invitation they will have access to the platform. KBC clients from Slovakia will have access as from 2019. Access will be free of charge.

The KBC/CBC Trade Club is managed by Export Enterprises S.A. an independent service provider.


[1] KBC, CBC & KBC Brussels

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