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    KBC and CBC launch free app for Android devices

    Virus and security scans courtesy of KBC PhoneCheck

    Today, KBC launched KBC PhoneCheck, a free new Android app everybody (clients and non-clients) can download and that checks a number of security settings on smartphones, provides tips and even offers the capability of quickly removing infected apps. This unique combination for free antivirus apps enables KBC not only to guarantee its own services, but also to ensure that its clients are able to protect themselves.

    KBC PhoneCheck checks the following security settings on Android smartphones:

    • the screen lock and whether it is secure enough (PIN, password or fingerprint)
    • whether the owner of the smartphone allows installation of unofficial apps not authorised by or downloaded from Google Play
    • whether or not the phone's original operating system security restrictions are enabled
    • which less popular apps have access to your text messages and whether those apps can be trusted
    • whether apps have been infected by a virus (if so, the apps can be quickly removed)

    In January, a KBC/CBC PhoneCheck app will be launched for iOS devices. It checks fewer items, but that is because the design of iOS makes such checks less relevant. KBC/CBC PhoneCheck for iOS provides tips on how to set up a screen lock and what ‘Find my iPhone’ entails. It also checks to see whether the iOS security settings have been enabled.

    KBC has collaborated with market-leading antivirus expert, Kaspersky, for integration of the checking functions.

    KBC also has a range of payable antivirus software that can be used on all types of devices at any time. More information in this regard can be found at https://www.kbc.be/info/secure4u/antivirussoftware.html.


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