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    KBC complements its product range for young drivers

    Young people become conscious drivers thanks to KBC DriveSafe app

    KBC has launched KBC DriveSafe, an app that monitors the driving style of young drivers who have just got their driving licence. This completes KBC's full range of products and services helping young people to be well prepared and stay safe on the road. In doing so, KBC also aims to contribute towards prevention in the broad sense of the word. KBC DriveSafe also fits in KBC Mobility, a strategic programme launched in April 2016 by VAB, KBC Insurance and KBC Autolease to develop sustainable, quality mobility solutions in Belgium.

    KBC DriveSafe is aimed at young drivers who have just got their driving licence. Accident statistics[1] show that 20-to-24-year-olds are at highest risk of being involved in an accident.

    In 2014, 24.7% of motorists in Belgium who died in an accident were young drivers between the ages of 18 and 24. The latest figures of BRSI show a decline in mortal accidents during the weekend but a stagnation during the week. Driver awareness is particularly relevant to young, male road users.

    KBC DriveSafe tells young drivers how they are driving and how they can improve this. They can share general details of their driving with a coach like one of their parents, facilitating discussion on and encouraging safe driving (helping parents rest a little easier). A win-win situation for all concerned, as research has shown that risk of accidents is reduced when driving is monitored.

    Hans Verstraete, CEO of KBC Insurance: 'This app compliments KBC's range for younger road users and helps prevent accidents, a top priority for us as an insurer that takes its social responsibility very seriously. KBC is convinced that the KBC DriveSafe app can make a positive contribution to mobility and road safety. As such it fits perfectly within the strategic program KBC Mobility, a program recently launched to respond better to a number of societal trends and technological developments that play an important role in developing solutions to mobility issues today.”


    Full range for young motorists

    The KBC website gives future drivers lots of useful information and access to a comprehensive range of relevant products. This includes practical details of getting your driving licence through a driving school or otherwise. There are also ten short videos to help prepare for driving lessons.

    Help getting a provisional driving licence

    The first step to obtaining a driving licence is passing the driving theory test. Our KBC Drive smartphone app lets you easily prepare for this wherever and whenever suits you best. Those who prefer to practice for their driving theory test using their computer can do so on the VAB website. The app is already proving very popular with more than 47 000 downloads to date.

    Driving unaccompanied

    The first few months driving alone can be the most dangerous for younger drivers, who are inexperienced in traffic and sometimes underestimate or wrongly read risky situations. KBC DriveSafe can help them with this, rating and giving them feedback on their driving based on their speed control, eco-driving (avoiding harsh acceleration and braking) and undistracted driving skills.

    The app also features the ability to share driving details with a coach like a parent (see demo). Coaches can reward their driver for their driving, encouraging and further promoting safe driving. The app also includes some extras like a discounted VAB refresher course or Proximus phone plan, not to mention competitions with attractive prizes. KBC DriveSafe can be downloaded for 4.99 euros (from now for Android versions 4 and 5 and soon available in the App Store).

    DriveSafe app technical requirements

    The app is available for iPhones running iOS 8 or 9 and smartphones running Android 4 or 5.
    Sharing details of your journeys to get feedback on your driving requires a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi data connection.

    Affordable insurance

    Newly qualified drivers can get properly insured by taking out insurance themselves or being included under their parents' policy. The latter can be done free of charge for the first two years after getting your provisional driving licence under KBC Start2Drive cover.

    Young people who buy their own car sometimes have trouble finding insurance that suits their budget. If their parents insure with KBC, they may be able to get the benefits of KBC MyFirstCar cover. This special insurance package is made for 18-to-29-year-olds who already have some driving experience and who want to insure their car in their own name for the first time.

    To be eligible for the cover:

    • Young drivers must have been on their parents' motor insurance for at least a year
    • Parents need to have car, family and home insurance with KBC

    If you would like to test the app yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us


    [1] Source: Jaarrapport Verkeersveiligheid 2014

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