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    KBC embraces the digital future

    Omni-channel strategy bears fruit

    KBC's 'client-centric' strategy focuses on an omni-channel approach of offering clients the solutions they want in a manner that's accessible, when and where they need them, and saving them time into the bargain. In the last two years, KBC Group has invested some 240 million euros in flawlessly and seamlessly interfacing its bank branches/insurance agencies, regional advisory centres, websites and mobile apps. Information from a variety of channels is integrated so that clients get a fast, optimum, targeted response to their specific needs, again saving them precious time.

    Just how successful this omni-channel concept in Belgium has been is shown by numbers of new KBC clients (net growth of over 27 000) and users of our online capabilities (around 1 100 000 for KBC Touch and KBC Invest together) and mobile applications (500 000), plus a rise in client satisfaction and trust, and higher NPS[1]. At year-end 2015, a fifth of households banking with KBC had at least three of our bank products plus three insurance products.


    [1] Net promoter score, which is the extent to which someone would recommend us to a family member or friend.

    KBC continues to invest further in new, 'client-centric' projects by welcoming the challenges and opportunities of the digital world. At a press conference today, Belgium Business Unit CEO, Daniel Falque, and Senior General Manager of Direct Channels, Erik Luts, tell of our achievements to date and announce our biggest initiatives that are saving clients valuable time and increasing their ease of use.

    • Regional advisory centres in Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Hasselt and Leuven make us easier to reach outside regular office hours, especially with features like voice and video calls and chat facilities.
    • KBC Bank branches: more banking by appointment, investment in new branch concepts such as Bamboo Branches and the KBC Cube in Hasselt.
    • New: KBC Touch for the blind and visually impaired.
    • KBC Touch: a whole raft of new features including the ability to take out instalment loans online, display overviews and details of insurance policies, complete medical questionnaires for loan balance insurance policies, make appointments directly with an adviser, and use the car service facility (including insurance and vehicle registration, and ordering the number plate).
    • KBC Touch for Business.
    • KBC Invest: an app for tablet or desktop computer allowing clients to keep tabs on investment portfolios and savings schemes and share their screen with an adviser in real time, and sign investment proposals remotely.
    • KBC Mobile: more than 500 000 users, with a quarter aged under 26 and 56% between 26 and 55, now including the ability to log in with a simple thumbprint and sign transactions on an iPhone.
    • KBC Assist app for submitting insurance claims following damage to car and home.


    Daniel Falque, CEO of KBC's Belgium Business Unit, explains: 'KBC is reshaping itself from the bottom up to meet the future head on. Changes in client behaviour and technological developments are influencing the route KBC is taking. The digital evolution is speeding up, that's clear to see, and it's the client that's setting the pace. KBC is constantly launching new initiatives, developing new solutions and adjusting its distribution network and structure to face the future in the best possible way. KBC's goal is to foster long-term client relationships, and so a unique, optimal client experience is central to our philosophy. KBC's clients use a variety of means for handling their financial transactions. They decide when they need help, and how they want to get it. That’s why KBC is going wholeheartedly for a wide-coverage omni-channel strategy. KBC is resolved that all channels (and applications) should be linked and should interface interactively, in real time. Which means that we're there for clients whenever and wherever they need their bank-insurer. In the past two years, KBC has invested major resources in this omni-channel approach[1].'


    [1] See also our press releases of 17 June 2014 and 3 June 2015 at www.kbc.com.

    For more information see attached press release.


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    Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
    Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
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