KBC launches pilot project to test authenticity of KBC documents

Blockchain technology confirms authenticity of documents

Since 21 June, KBC has started a pilot project that allows visitors to the www.kbc.com site to check the authenticity of certain documents.

The technology being harnessed for the project is blockchain technology.

Only documents bearing the words, 'KBC offers you the opportunity to check authenticity at www.kbc.com/en/authenticity can be tested.

In these times of fake news, it is important that the authenticity of the news received and its distributor can be verified. Given this situation, KBC wants to vouch for the news its sends out as much as possible.

KBC has been examining the opportunities offered by new technologies and solutions for some time now, and has already built up experience of blockchain technology (including via KBC Trade Finance and Bolero Crowdfunding). KBC wants to examine how blockchain technology can be used to guarantee the authenticity of documents that it issues.

The project and user feedback will be thoroughly evaluated.

How it works in practice

Checking the authenticity of press releases and presentations will be a straightforward process.

Authenticity can only be verified for PDF documents that are published on this website (www.kbc.com) and that clearly bear the words, 'KBC offers you the opportunity to check authenticity at www.kbc.com/en/authenticity. With this process, the reader:

  • Saves the (PDF) document to be tested for authenticity on their PC
  • Goes to www.kbc.com/en/authenticity and uploads the document using the 'Select the KBC document here' button
  • Clicks 'Check'
  • Gets immediate confirmation or rejection of the document's authenticity.
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In case of doubt or discussion about the content of these press releases, the version published on https://www.kbc.com/en/press-releases counts as the only reference.

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