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    KBC Mobility goes for sustainable, quality mobility solutions in Belgium

    KBC Insurance, KBC Autolease and VAB join forces to increase clout and improve client service

    Daniel Falque, CEO of KBC's Belgium Business Unit, explains: 'KBC is a client-centric company with a clear role in society. KBC is convinced that it can make a positive contribution to mobility and road safety and wants to offer its clients solutions. In this sense, mobility fits perfectly within the strategic framework established by KBC Group and KBC Belgium.

    Today, KBC Belgium holds many trump cards to become the reference when it comes to mobility. KBC is the only group in Belgium that brings together all aspects of mobility with regard to finance, insurance and assistance. Through companies like KBC Insurance, KBC Autolease and VAB, KBC has access to market leaders and much respected discussion partners in specific areas of mobility. Today, these three companies are facing the same trends and challenges when it comes to mobility. In addition, there are currently several innovative mobility initiatives on-going at KBC. Just a few examples include the Velodrome bike-lease project at KBC Autolease, the beneficial terms of its bicycle loan at KBC Bank, mobility advice, car-sharing and roadside bike assistance through VAB and the focus on mitigating hassle following an accident using the KBC Assist app at KBC Insurance.

    KBC now wants to take this to the next level. The combined cooperation and joint forces of KBC Insurance, KBC Autolease and VAB within the KBC Mobility programme are intended by KBC to make it the reference for sustainable, quality mobility solutions in Belgium. This way, KBC wishes to respond to the changing needs of clients and society.’

    Mobility as strategic cornerstone for the KBC Belgium Business Unit 

    Hans Verstraete, Senior General Manager of KBC Insurance, explains the strategic choice: 'Mobility is an issue affecting everybody. Everyone is looking for solutions to improve mobility or to avoid commuting. Companies suffer economic loss as a result of immobility. Public authorities are investing in sustainable mobility, intelligent infrastructure and road safety. With KBC Mobility, we want to respond better to a number of societal trends and technological developments that play an important role in developing solutions to mobility issues today. These include the following trends and developments:

    • Chain mobility & mobility budget, supported by smart IT and automation applications

    • Collaborative consumption/sharing economy (pay-per-use, on demand): from ownership to use when needed

    • Smart mobility: driving behaviour monitors, smart to autonomous vehicles, etc.

    • Sustainability: stricter fuel economy and emissions standards, alternative fuel, etc.

    • Health & safety: flexible working, accident and illness prevention, average speed camera systems , etc.

    • Smart cities: chain mobility, sustainable parcel delivery, public-private partnerships, etc."


      KBC embarks on strategic KBC Mobility programme

      KBC Mobility is a strategic programme alongside other, existing strategic programmes such as Klant 2020 (client-centric omni-channel initiatives), KBC Brussels, etc. KBC has established a defined strategic framework with clear growth ambitions focusing on the client, and it has also made the necessary IT resources and budgets available to reach its goal. KBC Insurance, KBC Autolease and VAB will achieve this growth together. The first results should become visible this year.

      Given the ever rapidly changing environment with continually new technological opportunities, KBC's Belgium Business Unit opts for a versatile strategy that will be rolled out incrementally. The focus over the next two years will lie in passenger transport:

      • KBC will be going all out in mobility budget solutions for employers (and their workforces) and placing differentiated emphasis on solutions that factor in the bicycle.

      • For private individuals, attention will turn to ease (of use) and reducing hassle following an accident .

      • KBC is also looking into other opportunities by engaging in innovative experimentation and partnerships and joint working arrangements with outside parties (along the lines of what KBC is already doing as part of its omni-channel strategy).

        In a later phase, carriage of goods and infrastructure works can then be tackled.


    KBC Mobility as a unique advantage and key to success, with a special role for VAB

    Within Hans Verstraete's current KBC Insurance Directorate, a KBC Mobility Division is being created, made up of representatives from VAB, KBC Insurance and KBC Autolease. With immediate effect as of today, Geert Markey will take up position as KBC Mobility's General Manager. He will also head up VAB.

    After consultation, it has been decided that Wim Vos, VAB's current managing director, will leave the VAB group and pursue a new track on his career path. KBC would like to thank him sincerely for his many years of enthusiastic devotion and contribution to the success of VAB and wish him all the very best for the future.

    Also with effect from today, Werner Franck will take up post as general manager of KBC Autolease, reporting to Geert Markey.

    Under the leadership of Hans Verstraete, the KBC Mobility division will lay down mobility policy within KBC's Belgium Business Unit.


    VAB remains an independent legal entity but is to be integrated within the governance of the KBC Belgium Business Unit. VAB retains its own independent voice in dealings with policymakers and, as a mobility organisation, will continue to take a position on mobility issues such as road traffic safety, driver education, roads infrastructure and the emerging mobility chain. The VAB quality brand will continue to be supported and will still offer and develop its commercial activities, including for other mobility players. KBC Autolease also remains a separate legal entity and a subsidiary of KBC Bank.


    KBC Mobility is not a legal entity but, by means of closer cooperation but with respect for the unique position of the various group companies, aims to gather together existing expertise and skills and enhance their combined strength, by which KBC intends to further improve its service provision to clients of KBC Bank, CBC Banque, KBC Brussels, KBC Insurance, CBC Assurances, KBC Autolease and VAB.

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    Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
    Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
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