KBC responds to changing customer behaviour by updating its account offerings

KBC responds to changing customer behaviour by updating its account offerings

KBC Bank aims to offer its customers a high-quality, modern, innovative service and user experience tailored to their changing needs and expectations. With this in mind, KBC Bank is making a number of changes in 2024 to its account packages, which are among the most complete and competitive on the market. These changes reflect the higher level of inflation, as well as KBC's ongoing investments in innovation, digitalisation, security and continual monitoring of complex and rapidly changing regulations.

Account packages evolve in line with changing customer needs

In June 2014, KBC Bank simplified its offering of personal accounts to two packages, namely the free KBC Basic Account and the fee-based KBC Plus Account. Both packages include a current account and a wide range of associated banking services. Some 75% of customers opt for a KBC Plus Account.

Over the past 10 years, the features of the KBC Basic Account have been systematically expanded to include a current account, debit card, 24 free cash withdrawals (including at Bancontact CASH points), instant transfers and recently also a credit card.

The KBC Plus Account offers additional features such as the ability to pay using Apple Pay, a free second debit card and free replacement cards. Since 2014, the fee for the KBC Plus Account has been adjusted in 2016, 2019 and 2021. ​

‘Having an account with KBC opens up a lot of possibilities. Customers who have questions or require advice can drop by any KBC Bank branch, contact Kate (the personal digital assistant), use KBC Mobile (the banking app that was recently crowned with an award from SIA Partners) or call KBC Live (with extended opening hours seven days a week). KBC Mobile also gives our customers – and users who are not customers – access to a whole range of non-financial services (such as those for renting shared bikes, paying for parking and ​ ordering service vouchers), as well as numerous Kate Deals that allow users to secure discounts at their favourite stores. Opt-in retail customers have been able to use the app to acquire and spend Kate Coins within the KBC banking and insurance environment for some time now. Since the end of November 2023, they have also been able to enjoy even more benefits and discounts when making purchases from commercial partners such as Amazon.com.be, Foodmaker, Brussels Airport, Omnia Travel, ​ Lucien and Poppy. Over the next few years, we will continue to systematically expand the number of partners and hence create more opportunities to obtain discounts and to earn and spend Kate Coins. This will give our customers the opportunity to save time and earn money and also help them protect their purchasing power,’ says Ivo De Meersman, General Manager of Payments & Cards, Belgium Business Unit.


KBC is seeing growing customer demand for additional services and features. It is keen to meet that demand and has been updating its account offerings to ensure it not only maintains the same high standard of comprehensive services, but also develops new applications that save customers time and money. The new fee reflects the rise in inflation since the last time the fee was adjusted in 2021 for the KBC Plus Account and since 2014 for the KBC Basic Account. ​ ​


KBC Plus Account


  • From 1 April 2024, the monthly fee for the KBC Plus Account will be 3.75 euros (currently 3.25 euros), though the account will continue to be free for under 25s.
  • For customers with a KBC Plus Account, the KBC Basic Account held by exactly the same account holders will continue to be free, including after 1 July 2024.


KBC Basic Account ​


A monthly fee of 2 euros will be charged starting on 1 July 2024.

However, the account remains free for under 25s.



Nothing will change for the KBC Basic Banking Service or KBC Universal Banking Service.


KBC will notify the customers concerned individually of these changes in early January, as required by law.



KBC Plus Account


KBC Basic Account

Current account





Debit card





Personalised debit card (photo on card)


2 x per year


10 euros

Go Card (temporary replacement debit card)


2 x per year


10 euros

Credit card


Yes (with or without a flex budget facility)


Yes (with or without a flex budget facility)

Card replacement




9 euros (included as replacement for a lost or stolen card)

Sending money in euro within SEPA


Included (on paper/at counter/electronic)


Included (electronic)

2 euros if on paper/at the counter

Instant transfers





Cash withdrawals in euro


Included at counter/cash cards/KBC (Brussels) or CBC ATMs/non-KBC (Brussels) or CBC ATMs/Bancontact CASH points


Included at KBC (Brussels) or CBC ATMs

Also included are 24 cash withdrawals at non-KBC (Brussels) or CBC ATMs/Bancontact CASH points

From the 25th transaction: 0.50 euros

Touch/Mobile/Kate services





Apple Pay




Not possible

Google Pay/Payconiq/MobilePay/Garmin Pay/Fitbit Pay





Goal Alert




0.99 euros per year

Monthly fee


3.75 euros per month from 1 April 2024

Free for

under 25s


2 euros per month from 1 July 2024

For customers with a KBC Plus Account, the KBC Basic Account held by exactly the same account holders will continue to be free. ​ Free for holders for under 25s

Services not listed here are charged separately (see KBC Rates and Charges – KBC Banking & Insurance for more details).

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Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson


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