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    KBC responds to reports on Heartbleed security bug


    Thursday, April 10, 2014 — Many media articles today have reported that a security bug was discovered a few days ago in the popular program code, OpenSSL, which secures the connection between home computers and visited websites. This bug, known as 'Heartbleed', could enable hackers to eavesdrop on information that visitors leave behind on websites.

    KBC does NOT use this open source software in the connection between KBC clients and KBC websites (e.g., www.kbc.be or www.kbc.com) or for its e-banking applications (e.g., KBC-Online, KBC-Online for Business and KBC Mobile Banking). This security bug has not, therefore, had any effect on client data, client information or transactions carried out through these channels.

    KBC understands that the reports may have caused anxiety and concern among its clients. However, the security of KBC's websites and online applications is guaranteed. Indeed security was, is and remains a top priority for KBC, as illustrated by the constant investments it makes in the security of its systems.

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    Corporate Communications Manager