KBC Vindr: 4 380 entrepreneurs have already found their sounding board

KBC Vindr: 4 380 entrepreneurs have already found their sounding board

More than 100,000 unique visitors since the start

A survey that KBC commissioned from research agency Profacts among 700 Belgian entrepreneurs showed that the vast majority of them were looking for a sounding board, a fellow entrepreneur with whom they could exchange ideas about their main challenges.


That is why KBC launched KBC Vindr. At this online meeting place, entrepreneurs (ranging from self-employed people to SMEs) are matched with fellow entrepreneurs using an algorithm.


It soon became clear that KBC Vindr is filling a real "gap in the market":

  • 8 062 entrepreneurs from 420 different sectors registered; consultancy, design and advertising lead the Top 3.
  • 75% are KBC customers and 25% are non-customers
  • 4 380 entrepreneurs have been matched and are in contact with each other
  • Diversification, legislation and partnerships have been identified as the main challenges faced by entrepreneurs in their search for a sounding board.


Daniel Falque, CEO of KBC Division Belgium: "We started KBC Vindr to bring entrepreneurs into contact with each other and to be each other's sounding board. In consultation with the users, we are currently mapping out the initial findings and possible optimisations in order to further improve the platform.  Our ultimate goal is a platform that informs and inspires entrepreneurs so that they experience a boost in their own entrepreneurship. In this way, we, as KBC, want to help support entrepreneurship in Flanders in a sustainable way."


How does it work?


Using an algorithm, the platform, which is currently only available in Dutch, allows entrepreneurs and the self-employed to find their matches with colleagues. This algorithm considers the sector in which the company is active, similarity between companies, experience and personal interest of the entrepreneur.


The algorithm uses four criteria to generate matches with other businesses registered on the platform: 


1. Sector match: what affinity is there between two sectors?

2. Like-mindedness: what values are important to the entrepreneur and their potential matches?

3. Experience: which business themes does the entrepreneur have experience with and/or would like to learn more about? 

4. Personal: what interests does the entrepreneur have in common with other businesspeople?



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