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    KBC and CBC make the digital exchange of documents much easier with Doccle

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014 — In July 2013, KBC and CBC signed a partnership agreement with Doccle to offer a free and fully electronic document management system. This gave KBC/CBC the distinction of becoming the first Belgian financial institution to use this new platform.

    Doccle offers private individuals and the self-employed a personal electronic 'filing cabinet': a central supply and storage facility for digital documents from different service providers (including telecoms, health insurance funds, social-accounting secretariats, etc). Doccle users are able to receive, process and store their invoices, certificates and contracts, etc. at no charge in a uniform, secure and recognisable way. This can be done by means of mobile and online channels.Since January 2014, KBC/CBC clients have also been able to use it to receive their banking and insurance paperwork. By taking this step, KBC and CBC are responding further to the increasing digitalisation of household's admin tasks, whilst at the same time cutting back on the use of paper. In addition, clients are completely free to choose where they wish to receive their mail.
    This free software offers clients the great advantage of being able to place their admin docs promptly, securely and correctly in their personal digital 'filing cabinet'. So there's no more having to go to different websites and mailboxes for an overview of key documents, as everything is really easy to locate. Insurance policies are always kept up to date. And clients avoid the paper mountain that accumulates over the years and in which the one piece of paper that is urgently needed cannot be found.

    Success story
    Since its launch on 27 January 2014, more than 300 000 Belgians have chosen Doccle to securely maintain and process their documents in digital form. On peak days, the platform registers more than 16 000 new users, while KBC, Acerta, Telenet and CM send more than 400 000 documents using it. Meanwhile, TMVW is getting hooked up to Doccle and Waterlink, De Watergroep, and ACV have begun to work with it for managing direct debits.

    KBC is taking the opportunity of the KBC Group Investor Day to draw up a status report on certain products and services, and to set out its plans for the future, including those for Belgium. Read more about it in this notice. Additional information about the strategy and KBC Group Investor Day itself is available at www.kbc.com. Follow the Investor Day on #KBCInvestorDay.