New handy solutions in KBC Mobile for those travelling by car or public transport

New handy solutions in KBC Mobile for those travelling by car or public transport

Now that the government is systematically relaxing the corona lockdown measures, Belgians are gradually resuming their social and professional lives, albeit still respecting social distancing and safety regulations.

From 16 June, KBC (Brussels) and CBC customers will once again have in KBC Mobile a number of very user-friendly and convenient mobility solutions at their disposal.

  • Fuel "on the go" at Q8, i.e. you don't even have to pick up your bank card or touch the payment terminal (starting 22/06).
  • Purchasing multi-journey tickets at De Lijn if you travel by public transport
  • car sharing via cambio

These mobility solutions were created with the help of Olympus Mobility, KBC's mobility partner.

KBC (Brussels) and CBC customers will also gradually find the new (white) insurance card available digitally in their KBC Mobile and KBC Touch from 1 July.

Karin Van Hoecke, Director Digital Transformation KBC Belgium explains: "Over the past few months, our customers have clearly shown that they are convinced about digital, simple and user-friendly solutions. From the start, KBC customers have shown themselves to be very enthusiastic users of the mobility services we offer via KBC Mobile: SNCB, De Lijn, 4411, Q-Park and shared bikes. In 2019, our customers used an extra service in KBC Mobile 2,000,000 times: 86% of these were mobility services.  From 16 June, we will expand this offer and integrate 3 new services into KBC Mobile. Anyone using public transport can buy a multi-journey ticket for De Lijn via KBC Mobile. If you prefer to drive a shared car of cambio, you can easily arrange this via KBC Mobile from now on. Whoever refuels at Q8 stations doesn't even have to get his payment card. More user comfort and ease of use, an even better customer experience, we are continuously working on this and we are very satisfied that we can offer these services today in cooperation with our partners".

The mobility services in KBC Mobile are very successful (figures at the end of 2019)

In 2019, KBC (Brussels) and CBC customers quickly found their way to the various mobility services offered by KBC via KBC Mobile:

  • De Lijn: 642,000 tickets
  • SNCB: 414,000 tickets
  • 4411: 562,000 parking sessions
  • Q-Park: 49,500 parking sessions (since March 2019)
  • Share bikes: 9000 rides (since March 2019)


OWN CAR : Pay by smartphone at Q8, without using a bank card (starting 22/06).

In recent months, more and more customers have discovered the comfort and safety of contactless payment. For those who refuel at Q8, it gets even easier.

The location setting on the smartphone automatically selects the right Q8 petrol station. The customer only has to choose a pump number and the type of fuel.  The pump is then released and the customer can refuel.

Afterwards, he receives a message on his smartphone with the correct amount spent on refuelling.

KBC Mobile will also display the balance of the Q8 smiles - the loyalty points of Q8 with which you can save for discounts.

In order to use this service, you must be the holder of the account to which KBC-Mobile is linked. Customers with a professional account in the name of their business or holders of a fuel card  cannot yet use this service on 22/06.


 "Optimizing our customer experience is central to our evolution towards a broad mobility player. Thanks to this service, which we also already offer via our Q8 smiles app, we can offer customers extra comfort and security by letting them pay easily and contactless with their smartphone from the car. In just a few steps you can make your selection and pay for your refuelling. No bank cards or codes to enter at a terminal," explains Bert Gillis, Retail & IT Director Q8 Northwest Europe.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT : 10-journey ticket De Lijn, also available in K'Ching

From the start, KBC Mobile customers made enthusiastic use of the offer of tickets for public transport.

Today, the customer and platform customer[1] can already purchase 10-journey tickets in KBC Mobile for the STIB network (Jump10).

From 16 June, he will also be able to purchase a 10-journey ticket (m-card10) for De Lijn. This will make the unit price per ride more advantageous. 

K'Ching users can also purchase tickets for De Lijn and NMBS in their app under "more cool stuff".


CAR SHARING: Also for the occasional user, car sharing via cambio is very easy.

Becoming a member, booking a car throughout Belgium, opening and closing the car and paying for the use of the car can now be done via KBC Mobile.

Those who occasionally use a shared car only pay for the journeys they have actually made. Fuel and basic insurance are included in the price. In addition, KBC offers additional insurance that reduces the excess in the event of damage to the cambio car to € 200. 

How does it work?

  • your identity card and driver's license are required to register at cambio. You pay a boarding fee of 17.5 euro. Are you under 25 years old? Then you must have had a valid driving licence for at least 2 years to be able to register.
  • When cambio activates your account you can reserve a car. Choose the type of car and the place where you will pick it up. Reservations can be made long in advance or last minute, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Pick up the car at the selected station. Start or stop your ride with the app, you don't need a special key or card.
  • Payments for the distance and time you drove will be automatically deducted from your account every month.

Ward Docx, director of cambio Belgium, explains the collaboration: "At cambio, the focus is not on the car, but on sustainable mobility, where cars are just one link in a larger whole. Thanks to our wide range of cars, spread across the country, and the ease of use of our system, today we enable more than 43,000 cambio users to travel efficiently and sustainably.

 Our partnership with KBC allows us to broaden our horizons and reach more people than before. In this way, KBC customers can taste car sharing without administrative hassle, without obligations and within their familiar KBC app. Convincing them that their own (second) car is superfluous is our ultimate goal".


Green card turns white and goes digital

Following a European decision, translated by the Belgian Bureau of Car Insurers (BBAV), the traditional green card will be delivered on white paper as from 1 July 2020. This insurance certificate may also be delivered digitally.

KBC is taking advantage of this change to take a new step in digital communication with its customers and will make this proof of insurance gradually available in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch.

It is a logical step in KBC's digital offer to its customers. Not only the subscription of new policies can be done entirely digitally, but a private individual can also declare and follow up on the car's claims completely digitally.

The communication about a claim is also increasingly done digitally, so that the customer has the most recent information at his disposal at all times and as quickly as possible.

The insurance certificate is immediately available electronically when taking out a car insurance policy.


[1] Platform customers are users of the KBC Mobile app who don’t have a KBC banking or insurance product


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Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
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