Six street artists let loose with App Art

Street artists are used to working on large surfaces in public spaces. KBC invited six of them to develop skins for KBC K’Ching* (our bank app for young people). Their art already features prominently on the streets of Belgium and other countries, and is now transitioning – through these skins – to the digital world of KBC K’Ching users. It is blending analogue and digital worlds.

Giving young artists a new medium to speak to a broader and younger audience…

The KBC Youth App is delighted to lend the stage to artists and attract a new following. KBC got in touch with six street artists through non-profit organisation The Crystal Ship and asked them to design new skins for KBC K-Ching, our app for young persons. Cartamundi worked on the skins to adapt them for the app.

KBC spoke to artists Dave De Rop, Joachim Lambrechts, Joost Janssen, Matthew Dawn, Pierre Coubeau and Sam De Buyser, the playful creators of Bué The Warrior, Mr. Spray, The Good, Anna The Android, Sketch and many more…  They all have their own story, style and following.

Bjorn Van Poucke, The Crystal Ship curator: 'Our non-profit organisation focuses mainly on artists working in urban spaces. We went a bit further for KBC and looked for people who could provide strong contemporary graphic images in 2017. They are all highly talented Belgians that create eye-catching works digitally, on canvas or murals. We work together every year with more than 50 different artists and are happy to give feedback to new artists who send us their portfolios at'

From analogue to digital

From 4 October, KBC K’Ching users can personalise their app with these new skins and strengthen their digital identity.

The artists give a short intro in the app itself and tell their individual stories on the KBC website: how they were introduced to street art, their style, the projects they have worked on or planned, and where it can be seen. They also speak about their sources of inspiration and influences they incorporate into their work.

The various skins also invite users to become acquainted with the artists' work on a larger scale.

About 'The Crystal Ship'. This non-profit organisation holds large events annually on art in public spaces and produces more than 25 installations, sculptures and murals. In Ostend, it attracted more than 70 000 visitors in twelve months. The Crystal Ship also represents graphic artists and responds to their needs in the ever-changing domain of art and culture.


*These skins are also available for CBC/KBC Brussels K’Ching.

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