Starting today, KBC* customers can use KBC Mobile to buy and pay a digital ticket for the bus or tram directly from De Lijn and also log in to their online banking using itsme®.

·       From now on, customers can use the KBC Mobile app to buy digital tickets for bus or tram journeys from De Lijn and pay for them straightaway.

·       No need for customers to install a new app, as the service is integrated into the mobile banking app of KBC/CBC and KBC Brussels.

·       In this way, KBC is further expanding its KBC Mobile offering of non-financial services provided by selected partners. The 4411 and Monizze services launched previously have grown steadily, with 6 207 people since the end of August using the 4411 service and Monizze being checked 13 960 times.

·       More than 122 000 KBC customers have an itsme® account and can now also use it to log in to KBC Touch


Digital ticket for De Lijn using KBC* Mobile

Customers daily use the KBC Mobile app for their banking (for instance, to check their account balance or to buy and manage their banking products) and for the other services offered, such as to park with 4411 or to check their Monizze balance. Today, they can also use it just as easily to buy digital tickets for bus or tram journeys from De Lijn and pay for them straightaway from their current accounts. People who do not frequently use De Lijn can travel on its trams and buses for a 60-minute period using a so-called 'M-ticket'. This type of ticket is also valid on the coastal tram service. Costing 1.80 euros, the M-ticket is today's low-cost alternative for those who occasionally use De Lijn services.

KBC Mobile users don't even need to install an additional app on their smartphone or create a new account with De Lijn. All they have to do is enter their mobile phone number, select De Lijn in the KBC Mobile app and then the account to be debited when making payment. As soon as that choice has been made, the 60 minutes' travel time starts. If there is a ticket inspection, the active session(s) can be seen in the app's start screen and the digital ticket displayed.

Please find our previous press-release announcing this service here.


Logging in to KBC Touch with itsme®

Up until now, KBC customers have been logging in to their online banking facility (KBC Touch) with their card reader or KBC Sign. Indeed, 287 000 customers use their smartphone to log in to KBC Touch using KBC Sign. From today, however, they will also be able to log in using itsme®. To do so, they need an itsme® account created through KBC or another provider. Once logged in in this way, they can use all of KBC Touch's functionalities, including signing SEPA Credit Transfers with itsme®.

At the end of August, more than 122 000 KBC customer had created an itsme® account.

Find out more about itsme®.


*KBC, CBC en KBC Brussels

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Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
Viviane Huybrecht General Manager KBC Corporate Communication / Spokesperson
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