STIB and Mobit coming soon to KBC Mobile.

STIB and Mobit coming soon to KBC Mobile.

Getting around made easy by KBC’s mobile services.

KBC is further expanding its offering of non-financial services provided by selected partners via KBC Mobile. Alongside existing transport-related services, KBC customers* will shortly be able to buy STIB 10-journey tickets and use Mobit shared bikes. These two new services compliment the range of services already offered, including the ability to pay for parking with Q-Park and through 4411, to rent Velo Antwerpen and Blue-bike shared bikes, and to buy De Lijn and SNCB public transport tickets.

KBC integrated non-banking apps into its Mobile app for the first time in the summer of 2018. By doing so, it became the first financial institution to also provide its mobile banking customers with non-financial services. Since then, the number of services provided and KBC customers using them has grown significantly. Mobility-related services are proving to be particularly popular in 2019:

  • De Lijn: over 380 000 tickets sold
  • SNCB: more than 220 000 tickets sold
  • 4411: almost 330 000 completed parking sessions
  • Q-Park: almost 25 000 parking sessions completed since the service was launched in March
  • Bike-sharing: 4 700 day passes purchased from Velo Antwerpen and Blue-bike since the service was launched in March

 Bicycle leasing and taking out bicycle loans (online) for mobility purposes are also increasing in popularity.

Karin Van Hoecke, Director digital transformation KBC division Belgium, had this to say: ‘These two new additional services not only provide a socially responsible alternative for transport, but they also save customers a considerable amount of time. It remains our principal aim to ensure that customers have the best possible user experience and that more value-added services are integrated into our offering. Over a million customers now use our Mobile app and log in at least once a day. Third-party non-banking services have also been enthusiastically received by the people using them. That’s certainly facilitated by the fact that they no longer have to install a separate app. Our Mobile app lets our customers use the mobility service that suits them best on the go. We’re obviously delighted that these two additional services will be integrated into our app during Mobility Week.’

 Mobit and STIB coming soon to KBC Mobile
Alongside existing transport-related services, KBC customers will be able to use the Mobit and STIB services starting from mid-September.

Upload STIB 10-journey tickets

STIB is due to be added to the transport-related services offered through KBC Mobile. KBC customers will soon be able to use KBC Mobile to reload their STIB 10-journey JUMP ticket on their MoBIB card, a single card for tickets from all four of the public transport operators in Belgium. All they have to do is add their MoBIB card to KBC Mobile and buy a 10-journey JUMP ticket, which STIB then puts on their MoBIB card within 24 to 96 hours. The 10-journey JUMP ticket enables customers to travel by any STIB, SNCB, TEC or De Lijn public transport service throughout the Brussels-Capital region.

Rent Mobit shared bicycles

KBC customers will soon be able to use KBC Mobile to buy day passes to use Mobit shared bikes in Mechelen, Kortrijk, Hasselt, Genk, Aalst, Antwerp, Brasschaat, Schoten and De Schorre in Boom. KBC Mobile users pay for Mobit day passes right from the app, without having to register, pay a deposit or subscribe.
KBC Mobile displays Mobit bikes available nearby, which are accessed by a QR code. Once customers pay for a day pass, the lock on the bike opens and they can start cycling. Mobit doesn’t operate fixed bike stations, so customers can leave the bikes in a safe place of their choice. Then they simply activate the lock to make the bike available to other users again.

Mobit joins Velo Antwerpen and Blue-bike as the third bike-sharing service to be added to KBC Mobile.

KBC is clearly meeting a demand by offering third-party services through its Mobile app, particularly the much-used mobility-related services.

See all the third-party services you can use with KBC Mobile.

Bike loans and leasing increasingly popular alongside KBC Mobile’s additional services

In 2019 there was a 65% increase in the number of bike loans taken out compared to the same period in 2018. The average bike loan is 3 250 euros, typically paid off in 28 months. Customers are also increasingly getting bike loans online, with some 70% of loans taken out using KBC’s Touch and Mobile apps.

Demand for bike leasing is on the rise as well, with over 500 companies using the KBC Bike Lease service and a fleet of over 6 300 bikes as of the end of 2018. Another 470 customers started using the service in 2019, adding 6 500 bikes to a growing fleet.

*KBC, CBC and KBC Brussels customers

**SNCB, STIB, TEC and De Lijn

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